Saturday, September 3, 2011


Sweden v Norway in Bergen (Viking Cup)

Venue: Fana Stadium


In the first match of this new series, Sweden easily defeated Denmark 55-15 in Stockholm back in April. A win today would give the trophy to Sweden.

These two teams are ranked well apart with Norway playing in European Nations Cup Division 2C, whilst Sweden plays in ENC 2A, three divisions above. They last played a test against each other in 2000, a World Cup qualifying match.

Sweden’s coach Mike Tatu has been forced to leave out a number of experienced players due to injury and he has not included a number of England-based players. This gives an opportunity for a few younger players to make their test debut.

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Last Five Encounters
28.10.2000 Sweden 44-3 in Enkoping (FIRA Pool 2; WCQ Europe R1)
29.04.2000 Sweden 91-0 in Vanerborg (FIRA Div.3)
26.09.1992 Sweden 98-0 in Aalborg (FIRA C1; Nordic Cup)
30.09.1990 Sweden 60-3 in Toijala (FIRA C1; Nordic Cup)
10.10.1987 Sweden 49-0 in Eskilstura (Nordic Cup)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Sweden 18th, Norway 33rd

IRB Ranking Points
Sweden 50.99, Norway 35.43

Prediction: Sweden by 35 points



Norway Squad
Thomas Bichard Breaud (Oslo RK)
Kristoffer Borsheim (Stavanger RK)
James Buncle (Civic RFC London, England)
Joseph Bula (Gloppen RK)
Wesley Chibaya (Tønsberg RK)
Shelton Davis (Tønsberg RK)
Alexander Diessner (Stavanger RK)
Even Ellingsen (Blindern RK)
Timothy Greer (Blindern RK)
Bjørn Håkon Varpe (Sunnmøre RK)
Andrei Hanger (Cheltenham Saracens RFC, England)
Samuel Hedger (Sunnmøre RK)
David Hume (Bergen RK)
Thomas Kjøniksen (Fredrikstad RK)
Kim-Robin Petterson (Horten RK)
Sakaraia Ravonkula (Bergen RK)
Aleksander Rønning (Fredrikstad RK)
Stian Røstberg (Bergen RK)
Stewart Smiler (Stavanger RK)
Villiame Tirikula (Tønsberg RK)
Michal Urbanski (Bergen RK)
Axel Wilhelmsen (Durham Univ, England / Oslo RK)
Head Coach: Gareth Gunter


Sweden Squad
Emil Andersson (HRC Gripen) New cap
Thomas Arvidsson (Fredriksberg, Denmark)
Ivar Bengtsson (Hammarby IF)
Peter Blaha (IF Attila)
Tobias Borg (Enköpings RK)
Hannes Eriksson (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Robin Fransson (Vänersborgs RK)
Ian Gowland (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Rikard Johansson (Hammarby IF)
Oscar Lechner (Stockholm Exiles RFC) New Cap
Eirik Lundqvist (Enköpings RK)
Conor Murphy (HRC Gripen)
Bobby Nave (Enköpings RK)
Daniel Nissila (IF Attila)
Stefan Obradovic (IF Attila)
Sami Paulsson (Enköpings RK)
Simon Pierce (Stockholm Exiles RFC) New Cap
Emil Sandberg (Stockholm Exiles RFC) New Cap
Lee Sandberg (Cambridge RUFC, England)
Paul Sullivan (Stockholm Exiles RFC)
Alexander Taylor (Hammarby IF)
Carl Ulander (Stockholm Exiles RFC) New Cap
Jim Wetterström (Enköpings RK)
Peter Wiklund (Vänersborgs RK)
Rikard Örnberg (Hammarby IF)
Head Coach: Mike Tatu

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