Sunday, September 18, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: Ireland v Australia Pre Game Pics

Here we go as promised
RWC Day 11 003 RWC Day 11 001

Huge crowds in Kingsland, which is just a quick stroll from Eden Park.
There are half a dozen drinking places along this stretch of main road.
They were all doing a roaring trade by 5pm which is when these pics
were taken.
RWC Day 11 006
Aussie supporters were out in strength.
Stef, Jacky, Fy, Bell, Tim, Niel and Mick are all from Adelaide.

RWC Day 11 007
The Irish supporters were perhaps more innovative in their

RWC Day 11 008
Irish supportives Rachel McGlynn and Therese Herlihy have come all the way
from County Donegal and County Waterford.
RWC Day 11 009
Check out the hat.
RWC Day 11 010
By 6pm Kingsland was awash with Irish supporters. Many supporters
from both sides were looking for a drink before the game. By 7pm
there were huge queues outside all watering holes.
RWC Day 11 011
Kiwis supporting Ireland. Tim, Stu, Sophie and Kathryn
are from Geenlane. Time went to Cornwall Park Primary
School where I used to teach. Some familiar names of
teachers I taught with come out. Talk about a small world!
Then on with the Game. I got to my seat by 7:45. The park looked
half full. By kick off the ground was chocker but I still saw a few
empty seats so it wasn’t a sell-out.

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