Friday, September 23, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: South Africa 87, Namibia 0

Review Well I predicted a win to South Africa by 75 so I wasn’t far out. The last two tries looked very easy for South Africa and I was pleased the game ended when it did. The Namibians were boxing well out of their class and the effort was really telling late in the game.
South Africa won easily in the end but I had to admire the way the Namibians stuck to the task almost throughout. It was pleasing to see the Namibians emerge at the end of the game to do a ‘thank you’ lap in recognition of the supporters who turned out for them.
Pics below
 Rugby World Cup Day 13 001
On the bus heading towards the ground. Tricia, from East Coast Bays, is supporting Namibia.

Rugby World Cup Day 13 002
Well, why not? I support the underdogs. The bus had a large contingent of South Africa supporters heading towards the park. A group of families thoroughly enjoying the night out. Very noisy, very happy and plenty of humour.
 Rugby World Cup Day 13 003
Outside the ground the ‘Auckland City Dukes’ a group of Capetown South Africans made the most of the evening with music and song. Not only did they agree to pose for me they also started up the music
Rugby World Cup Day 13 004
Pieter Skinner, left, from Whangarei, was hosting friends from South Africa. Second from left were, Frans Venter from Thabazimbi, Keith Richter from Durban and Danie Van Niekierk also from Durban. The head gear represents  the springbox, an antelope, which is the symbol of South African rugby. In the days when the Springbox team toured, a mounted head of a springbox animal was presented to the first provincial or club side who defeated the touring South African team. 

Rugby World Cup Day 13 006 Rugby World Cup Day 13 007
Plenty of crowd support for both teams. The ground was at near capacity. More South African supporters than Namibian. The North Shore of Auckland has a very sizeable South African community.

Rugby World Cup Day 13 009Rugby World Cup Day 13 008
At the end of the game the Namibian team stayed on the field and then did a lap of thanks to all the supporters for their team. A very nice and welcomed gesture greeting with cheers and applause from the crowd.

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