Friday, September 9, 2011

THE RUGBY Day 2: Opening Ceremony Part 1

Its all go here in Auckland.

This is the view from the railways station just east of Eden Park. Eden Park is just visible top left. I've just got off the train laden with hundreds of volunteers getting to the park early for the setting up. It's about 2:30pm NZ time. Without the army of volunteers this event just wouldn't happen. So on behalf of all the 60,000 fans turning up tonight, thanks to all the volunteers! (They are the ones in the sky blue outfits).

I'm staying with my son in his flat which is in the little suburban village of Kingsland, to the right. So lucky me I'm 10 minutes walk from Eden Park.

The main road in Kingsland is gearing up for the hundreds of people who will want some beverage and a snack before the game.

Which means I'm off to the opening ceremony and the game.


Kia Ora. See ya. Go the All Blacks!

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