Sunday, September 18, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: Ireland v Australia. Match Pics

17.09.2011 Ireland 15, Australia 6
Review THE match of the tournament so far. It could well be pushing the Opening Ceremony off my No.1 Rugby Moment of All Time. Well, perhaps not. But it sure was an amazing place to be. What an upset and what a crowd reaction. With 5 minutes to go Australia stormed back to try for that try they desperately needed. Can you image the reaction when Ireland broke free with a few minutes to go, raced down field and nearly scored. From that moment on all the crowd new Ireland were going to win.
So here are my game pics.

RWC Day 11 026 RWC Day 11 016 
The Irish support in the crowd as intense. The build-up starts with the
national anthem. The crowd may not be singers but the Irish National
Anthem was certainly the loudest.

RWC Day 11 017RWC Day 11 020 
Ireland is on the paddock and the game has started to a deafening roar.

RWC Day 11 019 RWC Day 11 018     
The crowd is a sea of green and yellow.

RWC Day 11 024 RWC Day 11 022
Minutes to go. Ireland ahead 15-6. Australia on attack. It was just minutes after
the scrum (right pic) that Ireland broke lose and play went down to the
Aussie end and from there it was game over..and..Irish supporters went ballistic.

RWC Day 11 026 RWC Day 11 024
Pictures show all.

RWC Day 11 029
I sat next to Irish supporters Jason and Gavin from Galway. Don’t mention
blind dwarves!!

RWC Day 11 032 RWC Day 11 031
Many Irish supporters stayed at the ground for what seemed ages after the
game. I thought…'Wouldn’t it be great if the Irish side reappeared’. And they did!!
Off went the Irish supporters again.
RWC Day 11 038 RWC Day 11 037
Out of the park and back up in Kingsland the party’s already started.
Crowds were going into the city by train to what I’d expect was going to
be the biggest Irish party of all time.

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