Sunday, September 25, 2011

WORLD CUP RUGBY: The Game. Samoa 27, Fiji 7

After the spectacle and the hype pre game, the game itself had its moments, especially the second half, but it never reached great heights.

Samoa were just too well organised in defence and snuffled out most Fijian attacks. It wasn’t until the second half that the game became more interesting but one felt, although we waited expectantly in vain, that Fiji would narrow the score and make a close game of it. That never happened.

As was the case in last night game, there were plenty of injuries. Whilst Fiji has no chance now of making the quarter finals, Samoa has to front up to South Africa next weekend. We will have to wait and see how the injury list from the game pans out.

 RWC Day 16 012 RWC Day 16 015

Just before kickoff, the crowds take every opportunity to wave their flags
and make as much noise as they can. The view was a sea of blue, red and light blue.

RWC Day 16 019 RWC Day 16 021

For the first time we saw two island war dances at the same time. The response
from the crowd was deafening.

RWC Day 16 022 RWC Day 16 024

Once the game was over there was a touching scene where both teams joined
in prayer at the end of a fierce encounter. Now you tell me in what other
sport would you find that happening. That is one reason why I love this game.
Both teams saluted their supporters at the end of the game.

 RWC Day 16 025 RWC Day 16 027

As you can imagine it went down well with the crowd.

 RWC Day 16 029 RWC Day 16 031

This Samoan supporter stripped to the waist at the end of the game and did his own
war dance. A victory dance perhaps? Then he was joined by the lady on the left.
They then did their dance together. Just fantastic!

Tomorrow (Monday) I’m off to Palmerston North to see how rural New Zealand
handles the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

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