Sunday, August 28, 2011

CONSUR B TEST RUGBY: Venezuela Are New Champions

Colombia 27, Costa Rica 12 in Lima
Venezuela 17, Peru 15 in Lima

Venezuela are the new CONSUR B champions following their 17-15 win over hosts Peru. Peru led 15-5 at one stage but could not withstand the Venezuelan comeback.

In the playoff game Costa Rica proved they have advanced considerably since last year. They lead 12-3 at one stage but Colombia also produced a grand comeback to clinch the game.

My understanding is that in the future there will be a playoff between last in CONSUR A and first in CONSUR B and that a CONSUR C is being considered for 2012. Possible candidates for CONSUR B would be Bolivia and Ecuador, who already have a healthy club set up, followed by Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.

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