Sunday, September 25, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: New Zealand v France. The Game

New Zealand 37, France 17

France put considerable pressure on the New Zealand line early in the game. It looked like there was going to be a close battle. Not so. Once the All Blacks had established a 19-0 lead after 15 minutes with three quick tries the game was all but over. The All Blacks, from then on, never looked like they were going to lose.

It some ways it was disappointing. Most were expecting a close encounter. On the day New Zealand were a class above the French who looked, more often than not, slow, cumbersome and even unenthusiastic. But not to take anything away from the All Blacks. They were simply an awesome side last night.

What will be worrying will be the number of injured players from last night. Kahui, Thompson and Dagg all looked crook and were replaced.

The trusty though limited camera of mine did its best to capture the spirit of the game. For those who were there it was an unforgettable experience.

 RWC Day 15 030 RWC Day 15 031

Okay, not easy to see. But then you have to understand I’m working with a very cheap but
reliable Nikon Coolpix.

 RWC Day 15 033 RWC Day 15 034
Anthems and haka, followed by a deafening roar from the crowd.

RWC Day 15 035 RWC Day 15 036

Left-French supporters with the French bread and accompaniments.
Right-Warwick and wife from Pukekohe were my neighbours for the match.
Ardent All Black supporters who were thoroughly delightful souls.

 RWC Day 15 037 RWC Day 15 039
Crowd at left and Richie McCaw and his ‘100th test Cap’ on screen.

 RWC Day 15 040

Here’s the proof I was there. It was a very emotional time for me and I did shed tears of
joy and happiness.

And a special thank you to my wife Annie who texted me just before the kickoff wishing
me well, and her love, in this adventure.


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  1. Photos looked amazing - love how everyone is having so much fun with it all. Glad you are enjoying yourself,