Sunday, September 25, 2011

WORLD CUP RUGBY: Samoa v Fiji. Before The Game

RWC Day 16 001 

On the way to Eden Park I walked up Kingsland Avenue.
The Samoan family at the top of the road had the house
and themselves well prepared for the game.

 RWC Day 16 002 RWC Day 16 003
Samoan supporter on the left, Fijian on the right. These two
nations brought a mass of colour to the streets before

RWC Day 16 004 RWC Day 16 005
They guys on the right were definitely supporting Fiji but I wasn’t
sure about the headgear.

 RWC Day 16 006  RWC Day 16 008
I had not seen Eden Park in the day time. One regret was not doing an
Eden Park guided tour. O=Just inside the gate at the Walters Avenue
end are these two statues of two of New Zealand’s most famous
All Blacks. On the left is Dave Gallagher, known as the father of the
All Blacks, the captain of the 1905 ‘Originals’. To the right is
Michael Jones, scoring the first try at the first Rugby World Cup, back
in 1987. Jones would become one of the legends of the game.

RWC Day 16 007  RWC Day 16 010
More supporters. Every I approached was more than happy to have
their photo taken. By now the rain had eased.

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