Sunday, September 25, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP: New Zealand v France. Before The Game

Before the game a tried to capture the atmosphere around the streets of Kingsland, the suburb of Eden Park.

 RWC Day 15 001 RWC Day 15 002

RWC Day 15 003 RWC Day 15 004

The  variety of costumes worn by the French supporters was amazing.
Lower left. A large number of Argentina supporters!


RWC Day 15 005 RWC Day 15 007

RWC Day 15 008 RWC Day 15 009

Napoleon and right hand man at right.

RWC Day 15 010 RWC Day 15 012
Flags were prominent. Basques at right.

RWC Day 15 013 RWC Day 15 014
This T-shirt caught my eye. The New Zealand supporters came up
with their own ways of showing support for the All Blacks.

 RWC Day 15 015 RWC Day 15 016
Right-A group of Japanese students getting into the festive mood. They supported
the All Blacks on one side of their faces, and ‘Les Blues’ on the other.

 RWC Day 15 017 RWC Day 15 018
Right. Difficult to see but by the railway station a temporary bar was set up (right)
There were others along the streets of Kingsland.


Below. Closer to Eden Park the crowds began to swarm to their seats.
There was plenty of entertainment outside the ground.

 RWC Day 15 019 RWC Day 15 020

Left. A couple on stilts were waltzing. Right-Polynesian group of musicians
and dancers.

RWC Day 15 021 RWC Day 15 022

Musicains left and more dancers right.

RWC Day 15 025 RWC Day 15 026

Amazing winged creatures on stilts.

 RWC Day 15 027 RWC Day 15 028
Lots of French slogans. Maori warriors to the right.

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