Friday, September 9, 2011

RUGBY WORLD CUP Day 2 Opening Ceremony Part 2

Nearly midnight and just back from the game.

That ceremony any the game would have to be THE rugby experience of my life time. It was just fantastic.

South African family in the pub in Kingsland. One of the temporary license pubs on the way. This family brought both their young boys with them to experience the Rugby World Cup. That's their little fella in front.

Lady on stilts.

Los Pumas about to enter the stadium.

Tongan band and music group outside the stadium. At this stage the crowds are pouring into the stadium. These groups were just outside the main entrance and a good crowd gathered to watch and applaud.

I'm seated at the Walters Street end of the stadium. Both teams line up for the haka.


Tongan haka

And the All Black haka. This is what the crowds have come to see.

 Tonga has just scored their try. The Tongan group in the crowd went wild.

The Tongan team do a lap of honour and of appreciation to their faithful and noisy fans. A great gesture.


The crowds pour out onto Sandringham Road. Many will catch trains into the city and party the night away. Groups of Tongan supporters make their way up Sandringham Road and are greeted with friendly banter and cheers from Kiwi supporters in the many pubs. It is all good fun and symbolizes the special relationship New Zealanders and Tongans share.

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