Thursday, April 30, 2009

Test Rugby: Lithuania is the Team.

Lithuania v Serbia in Vilnius (WCQ Euro.R2; ENC 3A)

Lithuania is the European team on the rise. They have won their last twelve tests in a row stretching back to October 2006. They are favoured to take the first leg of this pool and thus progress to the Rugby World Cup playoffs.

Serbia is a team that has improved out of sight since their shock 0-41 loss to Armenia in the first game. Since then they have defeated Andorra (who in turn defeated Armenia) and Switzerland 12-6.

Lithuania has defeated Andorra 26-10 and Switzerland 33-0. If they win against Serbia they then face Armenia next weekend.

Previous Encounter
20.05.1998 Yugoslavia 44-0 in Belgrade (FIRA Silver)

Well, not much can be read into that result. Yugoslavia has now broken up into the political and rugby identities of Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Lithuania 21st; Serbia 24th

Prediction: Lithuania by 21 points.


Serbia Squad
Dalibor Antic (RK Partizan)
Danilo Bulatovic (RK Partizan)
Igor Dejanovic (RK Partizan)
Vladimir Djukic (RK Pobednik)
Aleksandar Đorđević (KBRK-Belgrade)
Andrija Jankovic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Vladimir Jelic (Rugby Falconara Dinamis ASD, Italy)
Milos Joksimovic (RK Partizan)
Marko Kapor (RK Pobednik)
Dalibor Koracak (RK Partizan)
Boris Martic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Nenad Matejic (RK Partizan)
Marko Milosavljevic (RK Partizan)
Ivan Nicic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Milan Orlovic (RK Pobednik)
Aleksandar Petrovic (RK Partizan)
Ivan Pirkovic (RK Pobednik)
Milan Rastovac (RK Pobednik)
Ivan Rodic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Nemanja Simonovic (RK Pobednik)
Nikola Simonovic (RK Pobednik)
Vojislav Stanković (RK Pobednik)
Dejan Tasic (RK Partizan)
Miladin Zivanov (RK Pobednik)
Head Coach: Kristijan Zagar

Lithuania Squad
Marius Andrijauskas (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Tomas Astrauskas (RC Salda Siauliai)
Dainius Baltrukenas (RC Klevas Panevezys)
Ernestas Bartkevicius (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Mindaugas Grigas (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Maksimas Guseinovas (RC Salda Siauliai)
Vilius Kucinas (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Irmantą Kukulskį (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Gediminas Liutkus (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Gediminas Marcisauskas (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Kestutis Marcisauskas (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Darius Nosys (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Žygimantąs Radžiųs (RC Salda Siauliai)
Kestutis Ryskus (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Edmundas Scavinskas (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Paulius Šertvitis (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Richardas Stankus (RC Salda Siauliai)
Gediminas Svoba (RC Salda Siauliai)
Adrius Tatorius (RC Klevas Panevezys)
Laurynas Tipelis (RC BaltRex Siauliai)
Justinas Vasiliauskas (RC Vairas Siauliai)
Saimonas Virbickas (English Club?)
Head coach - Anatolijus Smirnovas


  1. Today Lithuania has defeated Serbia 50:9 :)

  2. Great work Lithuania. Big test this Weekend coming v Armenia. I don't know what went wrong when they played away v Andorra (perhaps top players couldn't travel from French clubs?)but up to then and since they have posed the biggest threat to Lithuania. It will be a huge test for Lithuania.