Friday, April 17, 2009

Test Rugby: Both Austria and Hungary Seek Victory: UPDATED

Austria v Hungary in Estzergom (WCQ Euro.R5; ENC 3B)

Both Austria and Hungary need to win this game for very different reasons. For Austria it is simply survival. For Hungary it is to have a crack at a Rugby World Cup spot.

Austria were shunted down to the bottom of the table with Denmark's shock 20-18 win against Norway last weekend. They have played fewer games than the other teams. As well as Hungary, Austria still has to play Denmark. So they have two opportunities to improve their position. I fear they will struggle.

Hungary needs to win to keep up with competition pass makers and suprise package Slovenia. Newly promoted from ENC 3C, Slovenia remain undefeated and Hungary looks to be their only threat as this competition nears the halfway stage. The Hungarians will also be out for revenge against the Austrians who defeated then 9-6 last year in Vienna, the final match of the season.

Previous Encounters
08.06.2008 Austria 9-6 in Vienna (ENC 3B)
21.04.2007 Hungary 27-5 in Dunaujvaros (ENC 3A)
29.04.2000 Hungary 48-18 in Budapest (FIRA D1)
10.04.1999 Austria 33-7 in Vienna (FIRA Pool B)
23.05.1998 Austria 24-12 in Budapest (FIRA Bronze B)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Hungary 29th, Austria 34th.

Prediction: Hungary by 30 points.


Musheg Aslanyan (Vienna Celtic RFC)
Nicolas Bignotti (ACBB)
Valentin Brandstetter (RC Donau)
Johannes Dachler (RC Donau)
Milad Farkhondeh-Fal (RC Donau)
Christoph Forchtner (RC Donau)
Sebastian Freydell (?)
Andreas Gaul, Capt. (RC Donau)
Alberto Gomez (Stade Viennois)
Paul Hrushka (Wombat RC Wiener Neustadt)
Jean-Baptiste Jilibert (Stade Viennois)
Marius Johannik (RC Donau)
Alexander Krauchenberger (RC Donau)
Martin Leidl (Wombats RC Wiener Neustadt)
Patrick Maurer (Stade Viennois)
Max Navas (RC Donau)
Thomas Österreicher (RC Linz)
Wilfried Payer (Stade Viennois)
Ferdinand Richter (Vallée du Girou, France)
Carli Sinbrunner (RC Innsbruck)
Julian Zöchling (RC Donau)
Thanks to To Ulrich Gutweniger, Communications, Austria Rugby Union

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  1. Unfortunately for Hungary, Slovenia has already advanced from this division for further RWC qualifying. Even if Hungary wins and Slovenia loses to Norway next week, with both sides tied at 3-1 Slovenia would win the tie-breaker, having defeated Hungary in September.

    I suspect that they surprised their opposition, that they weren't taken seriously until too late. That probably won't happen next season, and they probably won't be promoted to 3A, but it was enough to get to the next stage of RWC qualifying.

  2. Thanks Alan for the info. Yes, I keep forgetting that the World Cup qualifying ends at the halfway stage. I think you are correct in your comments on Slovenia. Next season will be the test for them.

  3. Austrian squad list added Saturday 9:45am Australian Eastern time.