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International Rugby: Switzerland takes on the Serbs

Switzerland v Serbia in Nyon (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 3A)

Switzerland and Serbia are both languishing at the bottom of the points table in ENC 3A. Both have been in this division for a number of years but for the first time they are both in the relegation danger zone. We must remenber that the competition is coming to the half-way stage as it is held over two seasons.

Serbia is probably the team that is struggling the most. After Switzerland they face the high flyer in European rugby, the Lithuanians. They must win against Switzerland to avoid last place.

Switzerland must win to keep away from relegation. They can boast a good win over Andorra a few weeks ago. Andorra were to turn around and cause a major upset in European rugby by winning over Armenia, the competition favourites, a week later.

Last Five Encounters
14.11.2007 Switzerland 13-4 in Belgrade (ENC 3A)
07.10.2006 Switzerland 30-9 in Nyon (ENC 3A)
19.03.2005 Drawn 11-11 in Belgrade (WCQ Europe R2, Pool B)
25.05.2001 Yugoslavia 13-10 in Belgrade (WCQ Europe R1; FIRA Pool 3)
1997 Switzerland 29-13 in Nyon (FIRA Silver)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Serbia 24th, Switzerland 25th

Prediction: Switzerland by 7 points.


Serbian Squad, image thanks to

Serbia Squad

Dalibor Antic (RK Partizan)
Danilo Bulatovic (RK Partizan)
Igor Dejanovic (RK Partizan)
Sasa Djukic (RK Partizan)
Vladimir Djukic (RK Pobednik)
Andrija Jankovic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Vladimir Jelic (Rugby Falconara Dinamis ASD, Italy)
Milos Joksimovic (RK Partizan)
Marko Kapor (RK Pobednik)
Aleksandar Krstic (RK Partizan)
Boris Martic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Nenad Matejic (RK Partizan)
Milos Milanko (RK ┼Żarkovo)
Djordje Milenkovic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Marko Milosavljevic (RK Partizan)
Ivan Nicic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Milan Orlovic (RK Pobednik)
Aleksandar Petrovic (RK Partizan)
Ivan Pirkovic (RK Pobednik)
Milan Rastovac (RK Pobednik)
Nedeljko Savic (Auckland Suburbs RFC, New Zealand)
Nikola Simonovic (RK Pobednik)
Nemanja Simonovic (RK Pobednik)
Dejan Tasic (RK Partizan)
Branko Vojvodic (KBRK-Belgrade)
Miladin Zivanov (RK Pobednik)

Head Coach:

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