Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rugby Test: Brazilians Begin Test Dream

Chile v Brazil in Santiago (WCQ Am.R2; CONSUR A Prelim.)

It is extraordinary that Brazil will not play any of the next round of World Cup matches at home. Although Montevideo has been scheduled for the tournament that will see Brazil, Chile and Urguguay play for a place in the next round of qualifying, Brazil will travel to Chile to start proceedings.
Brazil defeated Trinidad and Tobago 31-8 and 24-12 in a home-away series to get a place in this tournament.

Paraguay, although eliminated from the World Cup, will join the other 3 South American rugby nations in the CONSUR A part of the tournament. The teams placed first and second will then face Argentina 'A' later in May for the right to be South American champions.

Last Five Encounters
13.10.2005 Chile 57-13 in Sao Paulo (WCQ America R2)
13.04.2002 Chile 46-6 in Sao Paulo (WCQ America R3)
1981 Brazil 13-9 in Sao Paulo (Sth America Champ.)
02.07.1981 Chile 33-3 in Montevideo (Sth.American Champ.)
1979 Chile 53-6 in Vina Del Mar (Sth.American Champ.)

Recent encounters has seen Chile win easily.

GWC Rugby Rankings: South America Table-Chile 3rd, Brazil 4th

Prediction: Chile by 60 points


Brazil Lineup
15 Erick Monfrinatti (São José RC)
14 Tulio Fiore (São José RC)
13 Moisés Duque (São José RC)
12 Fernando Portugal (Bandeirantes RC)
11 Daniel Gregg (Niterói RFC)
10 Lucas Duque (São José RC)
9 Julian Menutti (Bandeirantes RC)
8 Antonio Górios (Rio Branco RC)
7 Diego Lopez (Pasteur AC)
6 Pedro Rosa (Federal RC)
5 Jean-Marc Volland (São José RC)
4 Reges Comoretto (Desterro RC)
3 Sergio Jimenez (Desterro RC)
2 Daniel Danielewicz (Desterro RC)
1 Ramiro Mina (Bandeirantes RC)
16 Leonardo Frota (Curitiba RC)
17 Ian Korolkovas (Bandeirantes RC)
18 André Fujita (São José RC)
19 João Luis da Ros (Desterro RC)
20 Henrique Dantas (São José RC)
21 Felipe Sant`Ana (Heaton Moor RFC, England)
22 Giuliano Passini (Rio Branco RC)
Head Coach: Pierre Paparemborde

Heaton Moor RFC is a South Manchester Rugby club. According to their web site, they have another Brazilian player on their lists as well as three Czech, one of which, Martin Snidal, has played test rugby for Czech Republic.

Chile Lineup
15 Javier Valderrama (Old John's) Age 23
14 Jose Luis Labbe (Old Mackayan's) 24
13 Rodrigo Coda (COBS) 30
12 Francisco De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's) 20
11 Pablo Llorens (Prince of Wales Country Club) 26
10 Cristian Onetto (COBS) 26
9 Tomas Olave (COBS) 26
8 Cristian Manzur (Univ. Catolica) 32
7 Matias Cabrera (Old Boys) 21
6 Paul Marsalli (Univ. Catolica) 24
5 Sergio Valdes (FC Auch, France) 30
4 Felipe O. Burgos (Troncos) 26
3 Sergio De La Fuente (Old Mackayan's) 22
2 Manuel Gurruchaga (Old John's) 25
1 Luka Salamunic (Old Boys) 20
16 Felipe P. Burgos (Belgrano) 22
17 Francisco Deformes (Old Mackayan's) 29
18 Benjamin Del Solar (Old Boys) 20
19 Sebastian Aviles (Alumni) 20
20 Juan Pablo Perrota (Univ. Catolica) 21
21 Javier Reyes (Prince of Wales Country Club) 23
22 Fabio Moreno (Viña RC) 24
Head Coach: Daniel Graco

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