Saturday, April 25, 2009

International Rugby: Latvians in Croatia

Croatia v Latvia in Makarska (WCQ Euro.R3; ENC 2B)

In this division the Netherlands has already qualified for the next round of World Cup Qualifiers. So the outcome of this test match is more about positioning ready for the second round of ENC 2B next season.

Latvia has had a miserable season so far, losing all its matches. Croatia have a game in hand after Latvia when they face Sweden at home. Croatia should come away with a win at home.

Previous Encounters
10.05.2008 Latvia 20-8 in Riga (ENC 2B)
31.03.2007 Latvia 27-7 in Makarska (ENC 2B)
17.05.1997 Croatia 43-23 in Makarska (WCQ Euro. Pool 1A)

On the basis of the last two encounters where Latvia has had the better of the scores, one would expect Latvia to win. But this season Latvia has really slipped away and I would expect the home side to win here.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Latvia 22nd, Croatia 23rd.

Prediction: Croatia by 15 points.


Croatia training squad
Tony Begovich (Waitemata RFC, New Zealand)
Ante Blažević-Bandov (RK Nada)
Mate Borozan (RK Nada)
Tomislav Burazin (RK Nada)
Tonči Buzov (RK Nada)
Branimir Čolić (RK Berlin, Germany)
Goran Čulić (RK Nada)
Josip Dedić (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Tvrtko Dumančić (RK Mladost)
Duje Grubišić (RK Nada)
Većeslav Holjevac (RK Zagreb)
Nik Jurišić (RK Mladost)
Igor Letica (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Miroslav Mandić (RK Zagreb)
Andrej Mihalj (RK Mladost)
Josip Mrkoci (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Ante Olujić (RK Nada)
Alek Osmanović (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Miroslav Pregun (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Nino Rubelj (RK Nada)
Boško Sabljić (RK Nada)
Saša Sekovanec (RK Nada)
Ivica Šimić (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Saša Slijepčević (RK Nada)
Šuta Tamburić (RK Mladost)
Marin Tvrdić (RK Nada)
Frane Ujaković (RK Mladost)
Vlado Ursić (RK Nada)
Head Coach: Jakša Lovreta

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