Friday, April 17, 2009

International Rugby: Malta travels to Latvia

Malta v Latvia in Riga (WCQ Euro.R3; ENC 2B)


After performing creditably at this level of competition over 2006-08, Latvia are having a lean season. They have lost comfortably to both Sweden and the Netherlands and now lie at the bottom of the table. More bad news is that their Russian professionals Uldis Saulite and Jurijs Baranovs, who play for Russian club Krasnoyarsk''Jenisej-STMs'', will not be available for this game and next weekend's game against Croatia.

Malta has been in two nail-biting finishes so far this season. They lost to Croatia by two points at home and then caused an upset by defeating Sweden away 9-6. Strengthened by a good number of England-based players they can only improve.

Previous Encounters
17.11.2007 Malta 16-13 in Marsa (ENC 2B)
28.10.2006 Latvia 27-16 in Riga (ENC 2B)
24.04.2004 Malta 10-8 in Riga (ENC 3B)

These contests have tended to be close in the past

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Malta 19th, Latvia 22nd

Prediction: Malta by 5 points.

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