Saturday, April 25, 2009

Test Match: Singapore Are The New Guys

Korea v Singapore in Seoul (Asia5Nations)

Singapore is the new team in this division, the top one in Asian rugby. The Singaporeans replaced the Arabian Gulf in 2008. Their task though will be just as tough as that of the Gulf who lost all their games at this level last year.

First up Singapore travel to Seoul to take on the Koreans. This will be a tough introduction.

Last Five Encounters
25.10.1994 Korea 90-3 in Kuala Lumper (14th Asia Champ.)
25.11.1986 Korea 41-9 in Bangkok (10th Asia Champ.)
22.11.1982 Korea 32-4 in Singapore (8th Asia Champ.)
09.11.1980 Korea 28-12 in Tainan (7th Asia Champ.)
16.11.1978 Korea 40-3 in Kuala Lumper (6th Asia Champ.)

All previous encounters were under the old Asia Championship system in which Korea had a clear superiority.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Korea 2nd, Singapore 5th

Prediction: Korea by 70 points.


Singapore Squad
Gaspar Tan
Andrew Douglas
Alex Muir
Nick Dance
Norman Sin
Chris Gilbert
Steve Horsfall
Gabriel Lee
Andrew Bennett
James Valintine
Jonathan Lee
Ben Wheeler

Andrew Lee
Tong Chin Hong
John Forrester
Ryan Cumbers
Mohd Ismail Kadir
Daniel Thiam
Desmond Wee
Beng Chuan Goh
Muhd Zaki Bin Mahmood
Gareth Pritchard

Korea Squad
Prop Forwards
Kim, Gwang Sik (Posco Steel) Age 24
Heo, Woong (Korea Army) 24
Kim, Sung Hwan (Korea Army) 23

Hwang, Min Seo (Korea Army) 24
Park, Sung Ku, Capt.(Yamaha, Japan) 26

Lock Forwards
Kim, Young Nam (NNT Tacoma) 31
Jeong, Dae Ik (Korea Army) 24
Park, Seon Kyu (Korea Electronics) 27
Park, Soon Chai (Posco Steel) 24

Flank Forwards
Yeon, Kwon-woo (Korea Army) 24
Oh, Seoung Joung (Korea Army) 23
Mun, Sang Yong (Korea Army) 24

Number 8’s
Lee, Kwang Moon (Korea Electronics) 26
Han, Kun Kyu (Korea Army) 22

Scrum Halves
Park, Wanyong (Korea University) 25
Yang, Young Hun (Honda HIT) 29
Ahn, Senghyuk (NEC, Japan) 26

Fly Halves
Hong, Jun Ki (Korea Army) 26
Yoon, Tae-il (Samsung Heavy Industry) 26

Centre Three-quarters
Park, Noh Hoon (Korea Army) 23
Yoo, Min Hyung (Korea Electronics) 28
Kim, Sung Soo (Korea Electronics) 26
Kim, Won Yong (Korea Army) 23

Wing Three-quarters
Cha, Yo Han (Korea Army) 24
Choi, Si Won (Korea Army) 23
Kwon, Soo Kwang (Posco Steel) 27
Yoo, Chul Kyu (Korea Electronics) 27

Full Backs
Chae, Jae Young (Dea Sim Trade) 25
Kim, Keun Hyun (Korea Electronics) 28

Thanks to Yun Ja Young, Korea Rugby Union

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