Friday, April 3, 2009

Test Rugby: Baltic Cup Challenge.

Lithuania v Latvia in Carnikava (Baltic Trophy)

Venue: City Stadium

Officially this match is a friendly. Nobody has told that to these two neighbours of the Baltic region. The rugby rivalry goes back a long way.

Last season the lower ranked Lithuanians took the city of Klaipedia by storm, defeating the Latvians by 43-17 and thus taking the Baltic Trophy. The Latvians will be keen to put their southern cousins back in their place following their shock loss last season.

At this stage these are the only teams involved. My records show a Baltic Cup was played for back in 1994 with Denmark and Poland involved.

Previous Encounters
13.04.2008 Lithuania 43-17 in Klaipedia (Baltic Cup)
30.04.2005 Latvia 19-12 in Riga (WCQ Euro.R2; Pool C)
08.05.1999 Latvia 30-10 in Vilnius (FIRA Pool A)
25.10.1997 Lithuania 25-23 in Vilnius (FIRA Silver)
11.05.1996 Latvia 34-20 in Riga (FIRA B3)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Latvia 21st, Lithuania 23rd

Prediction: Latvia by 7

Teams-Not available



For a complete list of all international rugby results of both Latvia and Lithuania go to

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