Friday, April 24, 2009

Test Rugby: Are the Greeks on a roll?

Greece v Luxembourg in Cessange (WCQ Euro.R5; ENC 3C)

The Greeks did their cause no harm when they defeated Bulgaria a few weeks ago. It placed them second to Israel on the table and from there in a good position to be promoted to ENC 3B for 2010-12. Israel, though, has already qualified for the next round of World Cup qualifiers because they have alrady defeated Greece. Still, the Greeks have placed themselves well and truely on the European rugby map.

For Greece this will be their 12th international rugby test and three players have played in them all. Wing and captain Chris Fiotakis, centre Georgos Tsatsaronis and back row forward Phillipos Sotiriadis.

Previous Encounters
These two teams will meet for the first time

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Greece 33rd, Luxembourg 36th

Prediction: Greece by 10 points


Greece squad
Tamaz Tsakalides (Macedones Evosmos)
Antonis Demertzis (Athens Spartans)
Mikele Jorgo (Wits University, South Africa)
Niko Christodoulakis (Wits University, South Africa)
Marios Goumagias (Iraklis)
Filippos Sotiriadis (Athens Rugby)
Nikos Mavreas (Athens Rugby)
Nikos Hatzinikos (Rhodes
Kostas Karandreas (Athens Rugby)
Nathan Courcelle (Springbox Attica)
Vassilis Poulopoulos (Springbox Attica)
Vangelis Nastas (Athens Rugby)

Vasilis Katsakos (Athens Rugby)
Nikos Revelas (Wits University, South Africa)
Jinok Lee (Springbox Attica)
Georgos Tsatsaronis (Athens Rugby)
Giorgos Kouroumichakis (Iraklis)
Chris Fiotakis, Capt. (Nice Cote d'Azur, France)
Alex Mendoros (Burnley RFC, England)
Thodoris Fotiou (Thessaloniki Lions)
Beka Bekaouri (Macedones Evosmos)
Alexandros Gounaris (Springbox Attica)

Head Coach: Nikos Petropoulos

Nicolas Abel
William Bond
Steven Clarke
Julien Da-Col
Michele Englaro
Paul Evans (Captain)
Jonathan Flynn
Nicholas Geoffreys
Alexander Goodhew
Loic Herve
Stuart Kelly
Ronan Kuczaj
Willy Lafaysse
Adam Marcus
Scott McKinlay
Christophe Narcisse
Glenn Nordahl
Thomas Picherit
Euan Roger
Timothee Seite
Nigel Sharplin
Adrien Timmermans
Head Coach: Marty Davis

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