Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Asian Rugby Division 1 Gets Underway

Asia Nations Division 1 is a very important competition. The winner will join the top 4 Asia Nations from the 2009 Asia 5 Nations competition in World Cup qualifiers in 2010. From there the top two nations will qualify for Asia 1 spot and the repecharge.

The teams competing are hosts Arabian Gulf, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China-Taipei.

The Arabian Gulf was relegated from Asia 5 Nations 2008 whilst Thailand was promoted from Division 2.

Controversy never seems to be far away in Asia rugby. Only days after the Sri Lankan selectors chose their side of 24 they were sacked and a new squad of 24 chosen, with only eight from the original squad making the cut. Out also went management and coach.

China were relegated from Division 2 last year and out of any chance of making the qualifying rounds for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. For differing reasons, China did not send a team to the Division 2 tournament last year because of passport difficulties getting into China Taipei. Politically China Taipei and China have had a long fued over who is the real China.

Today the matches get underway in this knockout competition.

China Taipei v Sri Lanka
Arabian Gulf v Thailand

Winner v Winner-Winner to Asia 5 Nations 2010
Loser v Loser-Loser to Division 3 2010.

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