Saturday, June 19, 2010

TEST MATCH: Victoria Cup

The Victoria cup is in its first year of competition, being the newest competition in African rugby. Uganda, Zimbabwe and Kenya compete for this Cup in a similar format to that of the Tri Nations.

Zimbabwe lost by 1 point to Kenya in Nairobi last Saturday. Today they play their second game away.

Zimbabwe v Uganda in Kampala (Victoria Cup)

'...word has trickled in that the Sables Team Manager Nody Kanyangarara slapped the Ugandan liaison officer Chris Lubanga who is reported to have opened a case of assault at the Kira road police station. As Uganda prepares to battle Zimbabwe on the rugby pitch the visitors seem to have thrown the first punch albeit below the belt with a potential diplomatic row in the offing.Saturday's match will surely be interesting.'

Zimbabwe dropped their first game in this tournament against Kenya. They will have a difficult task to pull a win out of Kamapala. Uganda hs a very experienced team including winger Allan Musoke, brought out of retirement.

The Ugandans have an impressive record over the last few seasons.

Last Five Encounters
27.08.2005 Zimbabwe 13-5 in Kampala (CAR Div.1, Pool A)
20.08.2005 Uganda 20-9 in Harare (WCQ Africa R1B, Playoff 2nd leg)
06.08.2005 Zimbabwe 22-16 in Harare (WCQ Africa R1 B, Playoff 1st leg)
11.09.2004 Zimbabwe 17-0 in Harare (CAR Div.1, Pool B, South 1)
05.07.2003 Uganda 25-3 in Kampala

Zimbabwe has never defeated Uganda in Kampala

GWC Rugby Rankings
Africa Table-Uganda 5th, Zimbabwe 10th
IRB Ranking points-Uganda 49.17, Zimbabwe 46.49

Prediction: Uganda by 22



15. Tafadzwa Mhende (Harare Sports Club)
14. Wesley Mbanje
13. Daniel Hondo (Hurtpury RFC, England)
12. Paul Staak (Matabeleland Province)
11. Lloyd Machanjaira (Old Miltonians)
10. Danny Robertson
9. Tapiwa Mafi (Old Hararians)
8. Norman Mukondiwa (Matabeleland Province)
7. Jacques Leitao (Mashonaland Country Districts)
6.Gardner Nechironga (Polokwane, South Africa)
5. Zacks Tondoro (England-based club)
4.Fortune Chipendo
3. Rockface Gurumani, Capt. (Old Hararians)
2. Justin Buchanan (South Africa-based club)
1.Vakai Hove (South Africa-based club)
16.Peter Joubert
17. Prayer Chitenderu (Old Hararians)
18.Brian Makamure
19. Njabulo Ndlovu (Mashonaland Country Districts)
20. Tichara Makwanya
21. Josh Rowe (South Africa-based club)
22. Paul Jessub (Harare Sports Club)
Head Coach: Brendan Lawson


15.Simon Wakabi (UTL Kobs)
14.Allan Musoke (UTL Kobs)
13.Michael Wokorach, V.Capt.(MTN Heathens)
12.Tim Mudoola (UTL Kobs)
11.Dennis Etuket (G4S Pirates)
10.Benon Kizza (MTN Heathens)
9.Faisal Gamma (MTN Heathens)
8. Andrew Olweny(Entebbe Mongers)
7.Mathias Ochwo, Capt.(MTN Heathens)
6.Robert Seguya (MTN Heathens)
5.Moses Soita (UTL Kobs)
4.Victor Wadia (UTL Kobs)
3.Brian Odong (UTL Kobs)
2.Alexander Mubiru (MTN Heathens)
1.Ronald Adigasi (Entebbe Mongers)
16.Solomon Mawanda (G4S Pirates)
17.Oscar Echulu (UTL Kobs)
18.Timothy Dumba (G4S Pirates)
19.Steven Ogwete (UTL Kobs)
20.Phillip Karumuna (G4S Pirates)
21.Brian Jjemba (G4S Pirates)
22.Bishop Onen (MTN Heathens)
Head Coach: Ham Onsando
Assit. Coach: Sam Ahamya
Team Manager: Brian Tabaruka

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