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RUGBY TOURNAMENT: Churchill Cup Day 2

England Saxons v Russia in Glendale
France A v Uruguay in Glendale


I would expect England Saxons and newcomers to the tournament France A to have little difficulty with their opponents. Uruguay and Russia showed themselves to be a level below that of Canada and USA with their first day performances.

Uruguay, despite the return of a few overseas-based players were no match for Canada. Russia's squad is missing a few name players being rested and they were defeated by the USA, who lost to Canada on point aggregate in the World Cup qualifiers last year. Russia has already qualified for the World Cup Finals. Uruguay still has to playoff against Kazakhstan in the repecharge first round.

England Saxons and France A are dripping with up-and-coming stars of the future.

England Saxons v Russia

Prediction: England too much grunt up front and speed out wide, by 30 points



15. Igor Klyuchnikov
14. Vasily Artemiev
13. Mikhail Babaev
12. Alexey Makovetsky
11. Dmitry Gerasimov
10. Yury Kushnarev
9. Alexander Yanyushkin
8. Nikita Medkov
7. Kirill Kushnarev
6. Viktor Gresev
5. Artem Fatakhov
4. Alexander Voitov
3. Evgeny Pronenko
2. Vladislav Korshunov (c)
1. Carlo Maglakelidze
16. Evgeny Matveev
17. Vladimir Botvinnikov
18. Alexander Khrokin
19. Sergey Sergeev
20. Alexander Shakirov
21. Alexey Korobeynikov
22. Andrey Kuzin
Head Coach: Nikolay Nerush

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England Saxons
15 Nick Abendanon (Bath Rugby)
14 James Simpson-Daniel (Gloucester Rugby)
13 Jon Clarke (Northampton Saints)
12 Anthony Allen (Leicester Tigers)
11 Tom Varndell (London Wasps)
10 Stephen Myler (Northampton Saints)
9 Micky Young (Newcastle Falcons)
8 Luke Narraway (Gloucester Rugby)
7 Phil Dowson, Capt. (Northampton Saints)
6 Tom Wood (Worcester Warriors)
5 George Skivington (London Wasps)
4 Graham Kitchener (Worcester Warriors)
3 Duncan Bell (Bath Rugby)
2 Rob Vickers (Newcastle Falcons
1 Nick Wood (Gloucester Rugby)
16 Andy Titterrell (Leeds Carnegie)
17 Alex Corbiserio (London Irish)
18 Nathan Catt (Bath Rugby)
19 Kearnan Myall (Leeds Carnegie)
20 Andy Saull (Saracens)
21 Lee Dickson (Northampton Saints)
22 Alex Goode (Saracens)
Head Coach: Stuart Lancaster

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France A v Uruguay

Much the same as the above game. France A has lost a few top class backs called into the French team in South Africa. All these players play at the top level in France which puts them light years ahead of the Uruguyans, who boast only one playing at that level, their 35 year old prop lemoine.

Prediction: Pain for Uruguay against Canada last weekend. Pain again v France A. France A by 25 points.

French flag

France A
15 Benjamin Thiery (Montpellier HRC).
14 Adrien Plante (USA Perpignan)
13 Henri Chavancy(Racing Métro 92)
12 Lionel Mazars (Aviron Bayonnais)
11 Yohan Audrin (Castres Olympique)
10 Jonathan Wisniewski (Racing-Métro 92)
9 Julien Dupuy (Stade Français)
8 Jérôme Schuster(USA Perpignan)
7 Benjamin Kayser, Capt. (Stade Français),
6 Clément Baiocco (Racing Métro 92)
5 Joselino Suta (RC Toulon)
4 Guillaume Vilaceca (USA Perpignan)
3 Antoine Battut (US Montauban)
2 Sylvain Nicolas (CS Bourgoin-Jallieu)
1 Florian Faure (Biarritz OPB)
16 Jean-Philippe Genevois (CS Bourgoin-Jallieu)
17 Rabah Slimani (Stade Français)
18 Yoann Maestri (Stade Toulousain)
19 Damien Chouly (Perpignan)
20 Florian Cazenave (Perpignan)
21 Lionel Beauxis (Stade Français)
22 Julien Arias (Stade Francaise)
Head Coach: Fabien Pelous

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Uruguay Squad
Carlos Arboleya (Trébol)
Santiago Arocena (Old Christian's)
Nicolas Badano (Old Boys)
Edgardo Benitez (Trébol)
Mathias Braun, (PSG)
Emiliano Caffera (Champagnat)
Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
Santiago Deicas (Old Christian's)
Ivo Dugonjic (PSG)
Martin Espiga (Old Christian's)
Matias Fonseca (Los Cuervos)
Ignacio Grignola (Trébol)
Juan Pablo Horta (Old Christian's)
Leandro Leivas (Old Christian's)
Pablo Lemoine (Valence d'Agen, France)
Adrian Lewis (Los Cuervos)
Juan Martin Llovet (Old Christian's)
Diego Lussich (Trébol)
Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket Club)
Nicolas Martinez (PSG)
Manuel Martinez (Old Christian's)
Gaston Mieres (Lobos)
Nicolas Morales (Trébol)
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trébol)
Juan Pablo Ruffalini (Los Cuervos)
Head Coach: Gonzalo Camardon

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