Saturday, June 19, 2010

TEST MATCH RUGBY: Finals Day in Arusha

Africa Trophy, South
The Africa Cup is the top playing Tier for African rugby. The Trophy is the next tier down.

Kenya A v Uganda A
Mauritius v Tanzania

The A teams of Kenya and Uganda will meet in the final of this tournament. Mauritius and Tanzania will clash for the 3rd-4th spot.

This article laments Tanzania's showings

Teams not available

Kenya A by 5 v Uganda A
Mauritius by 10 v Tanzania

Note: Tanzania has played Mauritius twice before
05.07.2008 Mauritius 22-17 in Curepipe (CAR Dev.Trophy, South)
06.08.2005 Mauritius 20-10 in dar es Salaam (CAR Div.2)

Tanzania did not play ant international 15's rugby during 2009

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