Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Kygyzstan has pulled out of this tournament. Hosts Kazakhstan will field a 'B' side in its place.

The Revised Draw
Wednesday 9th June
Uzbekistan v kazakhstan 'B'
Jordan v Mongolia

118[1] Jordan_Recruiting[1] 65[1] Mongolie[1]

In the regional tournament, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan were the winners, defeating Kygyzstan 31-12 in the final. Earlier Kygyzstan defeated Mongolia 38-21 in what was Mongolia's maiden test match. Ironically it was Jordan who no-showed last year and Uzbekistan fielded a 'B' side to play Mongolia on the last day.

Very little is known about the teams for this year. We know that Jordan lost 8-27 to Lebanon last month in what was both nations' first international 15's test rugby match. Uzbekistan would be strong favourites to take out this tournament.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Uzbekistan 21st, Mongolia 23rd, Jordan 25th
IRB Rankings do not apply.

Predictions: Kazakhstan 'B' would be a useful I'd imagine and put up a good show against the Uzbekistan side. Uzbekistan by 10 points v Kazakhstan 'B'
Jordan by 10 v Mongolia
But honestly, anything could happen!

See previous posts for Jordanian squad
I've had no reply from Uzbekistan nor Mongolia re team lists.

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