Sunday, June 6, 2010


South Africa 34, Wales 31 in Cardiff
Australia 49, Fiji 3 in Canberra
Romania 61,Ukraine 7 in Botosani (WCQ Europe R5, Final 2nd leg)
Canada 48, Uruguay 6 in Glendale (Churchill Cup, Pool A)
United States 36.Russia 22 in Glendale (Churchill Cup, Pool B)-Updated Result
Philippines 34,India 12 in New Delhi (Asia Nations Div.2, Final)
Thailand 56, China 3 in New Delhi (Asia Nations Div.2, Playoff 3rd-4th)

Wales just missed out on defeating the Springbox in a close and exciting game. Australia too good for the Fijians.Romania win easily against the Ukraine and will now play Tunisia in the first of the repechage matches. Canada win easily against Uruguay whilst the USA is still playing Russia. An finally, The Philippines will play in Asia Nations Division 1 next year after defeating hosts India, whilst China is relegated to Division 3 after being thumped again, this time by Thailand.

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