Thursday, June 17, 2010


Results in from Bucharest

Italy A 21, Georgia 3
Namibia 23, Scotland 20
Romania 24, Argentina A 8

Points After Round 2

'So we are confronted by the weird situation of the possiblity that a team will win all its games, but still finish second - a reflection of the crazy format that the IRB persist with.
1. Italy A: 8 (+20)
2. Namibia: 8 (+7)
3. Romania: 5 (+12)
4. Georgia: 4 (-17)
5. Scotland A: 2 (-4)
6. Argentina A: 1 (-18)'

And the scenario..

Round 3 Sunday

Georgia v Namibia
Italy A v Romania
Argentina A v Scotland A

'So to win the tournament:
Italy A: Must win over Romania, which you'd think would be enough considering their high point difference. Bonus point win would almost guarantee the trophy.
Namibia: Must either thrash Georgia, or hope that Romania cause Italy A problems, or both. Realistically, this will be a very tight encounter and a narrow win is probably all that Namibia could get out of this - so they need Italy A to slip up.
Romania: Must beat Italy A by five points or more to finish above them. Also, they will need Georgia to beat Namibia, but not thrash them. A bonus point win would be golden for Romania.
Georgia: Must beat Namibia by scoring four tries by eight points or more. Realistically, they need to win this by 30 points or more and hope that Romania only narrowly beat Italy A. They need and absolute miracle.'

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