Saturday, June 12, 2010

RUGBY TOURNAMENT: Asia Nations Division 4, Finals Day

Asia Nations Division 4 finals in Almaty

Jordan v Uzbekistan
Mongolia v Almaty Selects XV (I think this match will happen)

Kygyzstan's no show at this event is understandable. Civil unrest continues to plague this Central Asian nation. Originally down to host this tournament the Kygzstani's pulled out of this commitment. At the last minute the tournament went to neighbour Kazakhstan, and then the Kyzygy team itself pulled out of the tournament. This is, of course, a major blow to the rugby development of this emerging nation, and I do hope life gets back to normal there as soon as possible.

The final showdown will be between Jordan, who won their first ever international test rugby match Wednesday, against Mongolia, and Uzbekistan who had little more than a training run against a local team on the same day. The prize is that the winner goes to Division 3 next year.

These two teams have not played each other before.

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-Uzbekistan 21st, Jordan 23rd
IRB Rankings-These guys do not register yet.

Prediction: I think the Uzbekistanis will just have too much experience and grunt up front, to win by 14 points.

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