Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RUGBY TOURNAMENT: Asia Nations Division 2

China v India in New Delhi

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Venue: Delhi University Stadium


Never before has the two most populous nations of the world taken to a rugby football field. Although they were at the same Division 2 tournament last year, they did not face each other. This will surely be a rugby contest that will attract a lot of interest in a world where rugby union is rapidly spreading.

Without any communication from the respective unions re their team lists, it is difficult to gauge their strengths. Both teams have been playing international rugby for over ten years so they are not newcomers. Both have a well developed national club competition and both have been competitive on the world scene, especially in sevens.

In last years tournament, China had been relegated from Division 1 due to the fact they did not turn up to the previous years tournament. They defeated Pakistan with some difficulty and then lost to Malaysia in the promotion battle. China is still developing at international level.

India has had the benefit, in the past, of calling upon Indians playing in English domestic club rugby. I'd expect that to be the case this year as well. That may well give them the edge. Based on last years results they come out as being slightly stronger than the Chinese.

No Previous Encounters

GWC Rugby Rankings
Asia Table-China 10th, India 14th
IRB Ranking Points-China 46.25, India 36.61

Prediction: Based on last years games, India by 7 points.

Team lists not available

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