Saturday, June 12, 2010


Due to a glitch in the computer works and family commitments this weekend, there may be some matches I cannot cover. What games I have covered will not have the usual team stats available, due to the glitch and lack of time.

It can take an average of an hour to put together each game you see, so with twelve games on Saturday alone (5 more on Sunday) every moment counts. When other commitments turn up or a glitch happens with the computer, something has to give. I love doing this, don't misunderstand me, but I'm not getting any income from the blog nor the associated web site, so it has to drop when other priorities occur. I hope you understand.

Now the time is coming when I will have to consider whether to make these a membership only blog and web site. Let me know if you would support that idea, or not. Let me also know what you would be prepared to pay, say monthly, yearly, or for life. Those are the sort of options I'm looking at.

Rugby never sleeps around the world.


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  2. Thank you Savannah. It is one of my aims to have alive coverage options.

  3. You're welcome Gary. It's good to hear that you're aiming to have a live coverage.