Thursday, October 7, 2010


Poland v Czech Republic in Prague (ENC 1B)
Slovenia v Andorra in Andorra La Vela (ENC 2B)
Luxembourg v Finland in Helsinki (ENC 2D)

The European Nations Cup 2010-12 continues after a quiet start last weekend. This weekend sees three games, in 1B, 2B and 2D.

Division 1B is just below the top tier of FIRA-AER rugby. Traditionally known as 2A, this division has increased its numbers from five to six. Germany were relegated from 1A whilst the Netherlands were promoted and last placed Moldova held its position, to give the six teams. Both Poland and Czech Republic have been around in this level for some time. It will be an even contest.

Last weekend the first 2B game was played, Switzerland just edging out Armenia. This weekend Slovenia, promoted, play Andorra who has been at this level for a while. Slovenia were a surprise package last season although could struggle playing away.

Finally we see a start in ENC 2D with Finland playing host to Luxembourg. Finland started its season with a 55-5 win over Estonia last weekend. Last season Luxembourg defeated the Finns twice so should have the edge here.

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