Saturday, October 30, 2010


Final Day, in Medellin, Colombia

Colombia v Venezuela
Peru v Costa Rica


The tournament winner was decided on Wednesday when Peru caused an upset winning 21-7 over hosts Colombia. With only tournament minnows Costa Rica to play today, Peru are assured of the title.

All that's left for the hosts is the prospect of defeating arch rival Venezuela. For Costa Rica their improved performance would indicate that Peru might not have it all on the final day.

Colombia v Venezuela

49[1] 98[1]

Last Five Encounters
05.12.2009 Colombia 34-0 in La Guicima (CONSUR B)
21.06.2008 Venezuela 32-15 in Asuncion (WCQ Americas; CONSUR B)
04.11.2007 Colombia 33-13 in Lima (CONSUR B)
16.10.2006 Colombia 25-20 in Caracas (CONSUR B)
02.10.2005 Colombia 24-7 in Asuncion (S.America 'B' Champ.)
Venezuela won the first four internationals between these two teams, starting in 2001.

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Colombia 7th, Venezuela 8th

Prediction: Colombia by 3 points


Colombia Squad
Juan Pablo Agudelo
Andres Alarcon
Daniel Avellaneda
Saul Campuzano
Juan Chopan
Giovanny Daza
Daniel de Castro
Jose Manuel Diosa
Juan Felipe Escobar
Sebastian Mejia Gil
Joe Alexander Posada Giraldo
Juan Esteban Jimenez
Pablo Lemoine
Jorge Luquerna
Sanitago Mejia
Andrés Moreno
Jhon Mauricio Alvarez Moreno
Andres Quintero
German Rodriguez
Mauricio Rodriguez
Alexander Ruda
Juan Scharrer
Jesus Alberto Celis Triana
Carlos felipe Trujillo
Mario Urrego
Eduardo Vásquez

Camilo Andres Garcia Torres and Javier Castellano Pulido

Peru v Costa Rica

80px-Perulogo[1] LOGO_FRCR_150[1]
Previous Encounters
05.12.2009 Peru 47-8 in La Guacima (CONSUR B)
20.10.2006 Peru 31-3 in Caracas (CONSUR B)

GWC Rugby Rankings
CONSUR Table-Peru 6th, Costa Rica 9th

Prediction: Peru by 42 points

Teams not available

Results to date
Round 1
24.10-Colombia 61, Costa Rica 6
25.10-Peru 13, Venezuela 5

Round 2-27.10
Venezuela 29, Costa Rica 6
Peru 21, Colombia 7

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