Saturday, October 23, 2010


Argentina 'A' v Russia in Moscow (Friendly-Non Test)

Venue: Slava Stadium

Referee: John Lacey (Ireland)

Sadly this match is not, under IRB regulations, regarded as a test match. Don't tell the Russians that. To them this is about as big as it gets as they prepare for the 2011 Rugby World Cup

Russia's only previous match against the Jaguars was a disastrous 6-64 loss in Lisbon in 2006 during the IRB Nations tournament. How time has changed for the Russians as they prepare for the World Cup. Following this match they play another 'test' against the Jaguars next weekend. Then it's off to Tokyo in November for a one-off test against Japan. They have a gap 'till they front up to the first round of ENC Division 1 against the likes of Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine.

For Argentina the Jaguars is an important breeding ground for the first team. That first team will have a busy time once it joins the Tri Nations tournament. And don't forget Argentina will be looking for a finals place in New Zealand 2011, to improve upon their 3rd place in 2007.

Russia fared poorly against the England Saxons 17-49 in June during the Churchill Cup.

So there is a lot to look out for in this international match. Just how much of a bench mark will this Jaguars team be in terms of where the standard of Russian rugby lies.

No Rankings

Prediction: Jaguars by 15 points



15. Igor Kluchnikov
14. Vasily Artemiev
13. Igor Galinovskiy
12. Sergey Trishin
11. Vladimir Ostroushko
10. Alexey Korobeynikov
9. Alexander Shakirov
8. Alexey Panasenko
7. Evgeny Matveev
6. Victor Gresev
5. Vladimir Boltenkov
4. Alexander Voytov, Capt.
3. Ivan Prishepenko
2. Valery Tsnobiladze
1. Carlo Maglakelidze
16. Vladislav Korshunov
17. Alexander Khrokin
18. Evgeny Pronenko
19. Sergey Sergeev
20. Alexey Scherban
21. Andrey Kuzin
22. Evgeny Titov
Head Coach: Henry Paul (temp.)


15- Román Miralles
14- Agustín Gosio
13- Horacio San Martín
12- Gabriel Ascárate
11- Juan Imhoff
10- Nicolás Sánchez
9- Martín Landajo
8- Leonardo Senatore, Capt.
7- Julio Farías Cabello
6- Rodrigo Bruno
5- Agustín Smidt
4- Pablo Bouza
3- Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro
2- Matías Cortese
1- Gastón De Robertis
16- Luciano Proto
17- Maximiliano Bustos
18- Lucas Ponce
19- Rodrigo Báez
20- Tomás Cubelli
21- Santiago González Iglesias
22- Mauro Comuzzi ... 1022154531


  1. Sadly this match is not, under IRB regulations, regarded as a test match. Don't tell the Russians that.

    It does not matter! :-)
    Russia do not often play tests. We welcome the opportunity to play with any team who are higher in the IRB ranking.

    For Titov (Novokuznetsk), Tsnobiladze (Novokuznetsk), Boltenkov (ex Basketball player from Penza) and Scherban (19 y.o.) this will be the first match for Russia.

  2. Hi Nick

    I agree it is a great opportunity and a vital one for Russia with The RWC next year. I welcome such matches. I just feel a little sad that the IRB regulations does not recognize this as a test match. Not a test for the Argentine team of course but should be for Russia. To me it's about proper recognition.