Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CAR RUGBY: Development Trophy North

Results in from Cairo


Algeria 50, Libya 0
Egypt 10, Mauitania 5

Finals Day 29 October
Libya v Mauritania (3rd-4th)
Egypt v Algeria (Final)

" Libya and Algeria arrived to Egypt today ...Mauritania will arrive tomorrow before the match about 2 HRS !!! I think 98% they will not come."

" about today [results] ,I am as Libyan really happy for Libya team.coz when i remember that Libya team just created 2 week a go and it was first match rugby 15 for 21 players from 24 ... really well done and am proud and happy for that...
also Bravo for Mauritania. coz they came to their match from Air Port after 16Hrs fly from Mauritania to Morocco then Egypt !!!."

From 'X-man' at


  1. Hey guy very sorry to deceive you but Mauritania was their and arrived 20 mn before the match ! The team travel all night long and did'nt eat before the match ! So to be defeated only by 10 pts by Egypt it's fantastic. We are very proud of our boys. Go Mauritania ! Very surprising team, some players just discovered the game 1 year ago....So let's meet again next year and you'll see !! Daniel

  2. All I can say is to play a rugby test match under such circumstances as Mauritania did is certainly and play so well is a credit to the players and management. Playing test rugby under such circumstances is probably not unusual on the African continent. Such huge distances to travel and the modes of travel probably very difficult, not to mention the limited budgets probably available. I certainly hope that such tournaments continue and rugby in Africa grows. I feel it is a privilege to be able to cover the game of rugby in Africa and see it developing so.

  3. To be perfectly fare, I propose to replay the match between Egypt and Mauritania. 2 Solutions for it:
    1- Mauritania team can have at least one day of rest
    2- all Egypt players stay on a chair for 24h and do not sleep or eat...
    Lets see the result after it!