Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TEST RUGBY AHEAD: Rugby Test Matches 29-31 October

Australia v New Zealand in Hong Kong (Bledisloe Cup)
Samoa v Japan in Tokyo
Argentina ‘A’ v Russia in Moscow
Malta v Lithuania in Siauliai (ENC 2A)
Croatia v Latvia in Riga (ENC 2A)
Hungary v Israel in Netanya (ENC 2C)
Colombia v Venezuela in Medellin (CONSUR B)
Peru v Costa Rica in Medellin (CONSUR B)

CAR Trophy Central 30 Oct-7 Nov., due in Bujimburi-Burundi, Rwanda, Republic of Congo (Kinshasha)

Bosnia Herzegovina v Azerbaijan in Zenica (ENC 3)

So opens the window of test rugby for November..well almost. The last Saturday of October is not yet in the window but it is a busy weekend of international test rugby all the same.

Australia and New Zealand clash again for the Bledisloe Cup. This is the fourth time this year. Are we getting bored with the frequency of New Zealand-Australia test matches? Probably. Will we be watching the match or waiting for the result eagerly? Probably.

Samoa and Japan begin their Northern round of test rugby in Tokyo. Japan will be at full strength but I'm not so sure about Samoa. Considering many Samoans play club rugby in Europe I can't see any being released for this rugby test match, and I can't see being released in November anyway. We'll see.

The Russians continue their World Cup build up with the second test against the Jaguars. Elsewhere in European rugby Divisions 2A and 2C are involved whilst the CONSUR B tournament finishes in Colombia.

On Sunday Bosnia Herzegovina will be looking to sew up the Division 3 tournament in Zenica.

All in all, a nice curtain raiser for the big battles between the rugby union giants of the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Can't wait!

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