Saturday, October 9, 2010

TEST MATCH: Luxembourg v Finland

Luxembourg v Finland in Helsinki (ENC 2D)

Venue: Hippos Jyväskylä


For Finland Harju and Mäenpää have been added to the team that won 55-5 against Estonia in a friendly last weekend. They have the distinct advantage of having played a test match already and the home venue. Luxembourg has the numbers advantage over Finland in that they won both games in the 2008-10 competition. I expect it to be a close encounter.

2008 Luxembourg v Finland
Luxembourg v Finland 2008

Previous Encounters
07.11.2009 Luxembourg 9-3 in Luxembourg (ENC 3C)
04.10.2008 Luxembourg 27-19 in Helsinki (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 3C)
24.05.2008 Finland 11-10 in Helsinki (ENC 3C)
30.09.2006 Luxembourg 18-8 in Cessange (ENC 3C)

GWC Rugby Rankings:
Europe Table-Luxembourg 36th, Finland 37th

IRB Rankings
Luxembourg 32.65, Finland 28.59

Prediction: Luxembourg by 4 v Finland



Finland Squad
Simon Elliott (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Thomas Finell, Capt. (Helsinki Warriors)
Juha Harju (Turku Eagles)
Jussi Keskinen (Helsinki Warriors)
Mauno Konttila (Tampere Rugby Club)
Crispin Mäenpää (Tampere Rugby Club)
Mehdi Marami (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Petri Pallari (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Erik Pekkola (Helsinki Warriors)
Patrik Pietilä (Lahti Sisu)
Juha Rainvuori (Helsinki Warriors)
Galen Rangiawha (Turku Eagles)
Semu Salmivalli (Turku Eagles)
Joonas Santala (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Ville Siiskonen (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Christian Skogholm (Spartacus Rugby Club)
Mika Takala (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Ari Tikkanen (Jyväskylä Rugby Club)
Ilkka Tuomaala (Turku Eagles)
Olli-Pekka Tuomaala (Vaasa Wolves)
Jaakko Vilen (Helsinki Warriors)
Stephen Whittaker (Helsinki Rugby Club)
Head Coach:

Luxembourg logo

Chris Ellis, Saman Rezapour, Nicolas Rivoallan, Kim Zimmer, Jon Flynn, Stuart Kelly, Julien Da Col, Willy Le Fesse, Mathias Lentz, Vincent Giffard, Nigel Sharplin, Christian Lowe, Edward Medlyn, Gilles Caviglia, Alan Dunn , Maxime Dozin, Adrien Timmermans, Philippe Vimond, Alex Goodhew, Cedric de Michelis

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