Saturday, October 23, 2010

TEST RUGBY: Balkan Rivalry

Serbia v Slovenia in Ljubliana (ENC 2B)

Venue: Oval v Stanežičah

Referee: G. Michalik (Poland)

Just over a decade ago these two nations were at war. Today they play together in an international rugby test match.

Slovenia is the promoted team in this division. They made a shaky start against Andorra away last weekend, going down 7-22.

'Serbia played Croatia in a warm up game at Josipdol, Croatia on the 16th[October] and lost 10 - 44."

Croatia is in a division just above that of Slovenia and Serbia.

Home advantage will count but Slovenia found Andorra tough going. Andorra, though, defeated Serbia 21-7 in Andorra last November.

Previous Encounter
11.05.2002 Serbia 27-21 in Belgrade (FIRA B, Pool A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Serbia 27th, Slovenia 29th

IRB Rankings
Serbia 42.06, Slovenia 40.89

Prediction: Could be closer. Serbia by 8 points



Serbia squad
Pavle Anđelić (RK Partizan)
Uroš Babić (RK Pobednik)
Jovan Bajić (RK Partizan)
Vedran Brkić (KBRK Belgrade)
Aleksandar Đorđević (KBRK Belgrade)
Vladimir Đukić (RK Pobednik)
Vladimir Dumić (RK Partizan)
Miloš Joksimović (RK Partizan)
Andrija Jovanović (KBRK Belgrade)
Sedrik Jovanović (Rone Sportif, France)
Blagoje Jovanovski (RK Partizan)
Marko Kapor (RK Pobednik)
Nenad Matejić (RK Partizan)
Nenad Mićić (KBRK Belgrade)
Marko Milosavljević (RK Partizan)
Milan Orlović (RK Pobednik)
Marko Petrović (Châteaurenard RC, France)
Milan Rastovac (RK Pobednik)
Nemanja Simonović (RK Pobednik)
Vlastimir Sretenović (KBRK Belgrade)
Branko Vojvodić (KBRK Belgrade)
Goran Vuković (RK Pobednik)
Marko Vuković (RK Pobednik)
Miladin Živanov (RK Pobednik)
Head Coach: Savic Nedeljko

Adapted from Thanks to ‘Drugby’ and ‘Quentin’


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