Saturday, October 2, 2010

INTERNATIONAL RUGBY: Armenia v Switzerland

Armenia v Switzerland in Lausanne (ENC 2B)

Venue: Stade Juan-Antonio Samaranch


The result of this game will largely depend upon the number of France-based layers available to Armenia. The Armenian community in France is very large. The Armenian team that last played Switzerland were composed mainly of Armenia-based players. Without the Armenian team list it is difficult to tell how strong their team is.

The Swiss will be relying on a strong home turnout for this the first game in the competition.

2009.11.22 Switzerland v Armenia 1
Armenia, in red, were outplayed by Switzerland when they last met.

Previous Encounters
22.11.2009 Switzerland 18-0 in Yverdon (ENC 3A)
18.10.2008 Armenia 35-15 in Abovian (WCQ Europe R 1; ENC 3A)
06.10.2007 Armenia 28-15 in Nyon (ENC 3A)
30.09.2006 Switzerland 29-16 in Vienne (ENC 3A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Armenia 24th, Switzerland 27th

IRB Rankings
Armenia not ranked

Prediction: Armenia by 12 points



Switzerland Squad
Schelte Betten ( GC Zürich)
Joshua Bjornson ( GC Zürich)
Thomas Brossard ( RC Annemasse, France )
Alfredo Burgener ( RC Nyon)
Jacky Dervey ( Stade Lausanne RC )
Florian Dillet ( Hermance RRC )
Thomas Douvegheant ( Hermance RRC )
Pedro Dubois ( RC Nyon)
Gaby Fox ( RC Fribourg)
Olivier Gerber ( GC Zurich)
Christophe Guillet ( RC Geneva OLP )
Nicolas Guyou ( RC Châteaurenard, France)
Mathieu Guyou-Kreis ( RCA Cergy-Pontoise, France)
Sergio Hösel ( GC Zürich)
Jonathan Hudson ( Hermance RRC )
Geoffrey Johnson ( Hermance RRC )
Ludovic Keller (CA Pontarlier, France)
Ismael Meyer (Stade Lausanne RC )
Ali Nouri ( Hermance RRC )
Didier Richard ( Stade Lausanne RC )
Frederic Rossier ( Stade Lausanne RC )
David Smith ( RC Geneva OLP )
Loïc Verreman ( RC Nyon)
Iain Wise ( Hermance RRC )
Head Coach: Philippe Filiatre


Squad not yet known

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