Monday, October 25, 2010


CAR Development Trophy North

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Sorry, no rugby images found on internet for Egypt, Libya or Mauritania

Rugby history will me made in Cairo tomorrow. Libya and Egypt will be making their debuts in 15's international rugby. Rugby union has been well established in these two North African countries over the last few years.

Tomorrow Libya begins its test rugby career with a game against Algeria, who can only boast one test rugby match, against Tunisia 'A' in 2008, a match they won 8-7.

Egypt will face a rugby nation with considerable more international rugby under its belt than the other three nations in this tournament. Mauritania played seven rugby international matches in CAR tournaments from 2003 to 2004. They failed to win a single match. They have returned at the lowest level of African rugby to start again and build a better rugby base.

Day One
Algeria v Libya

Prediction-Algeria by 15 points

Egypt v Mauritania

Prediction-Mauritania by 5 points

Teams not available

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