Saturday, October 30, 2010

RUGBY TEST MATCH: Croatia Journey to Latvia

Croatia v Latvia in Riga (ENC 2A)


Venue: “Daugavas” stadionā,

Referee: T.Breburda (Czech Republic)

Croatia lost its first international rugby test of the season, 13-32 against Sweden last weekend. For Latvia this is their first rugby test of the season.

Latvia will be strengthened by the inclusion of two top players who play in the Russian League. Scrum half Baranov and lock Saulite, both play for Enisei-STM. This Latvian team is a young side with a number of older players stepping aside. Head coach Vladimir Ņikonovs is very keen for the recently successful Under 20 players to enter the senior side. Original article here in Latvian.

Croatia, having lost to Sweden last weekend, will be desperate to win. Another loss would place them well down the points table. Even with another season to play before relegation sets in, it will be difficult to recover from a poor start.

Excluded from last weeks squad are Goran Čulić, Spiro Matic Sekovanec Sasha and Ivan Klaric-Kukuz their places taken by Milivoj Kramarić, Tomislav Tomic-Ferić, Marko Grcic and Ivan Vukovic.

Last weekend Croatia lost to Sweden.

2009.04.25 Latvia v Croatia
Latvia v Croatia, April 2009. Croatia won 21-13.

Last Five Encounters
24.10.2009 Croatia 23-9 in Riga (ENC 2B)
25.04.2009 Croatia 21-13 in Makarska (WCQ Europe R3; ENC 2B)
10.05.2008 Latvia 20-8 in Riga (ENC 2B)
31.03.2007 Latvia 27-7 in Makarska (ENC 2B)
17.05.1997 Croatia 43-23 in Makarska (WCQ Europe Pool 1, Round A)

GWC Rugby Rankings
Europe Table-Croatia 20th, Latvia 23rd

IRB Ranking Points
Croatia 47.27; Latvia 43.03

Prediction: Croatia by 3 points



Croatia Squad
Mate Borozan (RK Nada)
Tomislav Burazin (RK Nada)
Tonći Buzov (RK Nada)
Dominik Draženović (RK Mladost)
Ante Drazina (Olympic Club Rugby, USA)
Tvrtko Dumančić (RK Mladost)
Ferić Tomić Tomislav (RK Nada)
Tomislav Gomuzak (RK Zagreb)
Marko Grčić (RK Sinj)
Luka Jureško (RK Zagreb)
Nik Jurišić (RK Mladost)
Milivoj Kramarić (RK Zagreb)
Miroslav Mandić (RK Zagreb)
Andrej Mihalj (RK Mladost)
Filip Mijić (RK Zagreb)
Mislav Milanović (RK Nada)
Marijan Slaviček (RK Zagreb)
Ivan Šuta (RK Mladost)
Marin Tvrdić (RK Nada)
Filip Ujaković (RK Mladost)
Mario Vodanovich (RK Makarska Rivijera)
Ivan Vuković, New cap?

Head Coach: Jakše Lovrete


Latvia Squad
Andris Andersons (RK Miesnieki)
Āris Andersons (RK Miesnieki)
Jurijs Baranovs (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Sandis Barks (RK LMT Eži)
Kristaps Bērziņš (RK LMT Eži)
Leno Bramanis (RK Miesnieki)
Edgars Cīrulis (RK Miesnieki)
Māris Čeksters (SK Ovāls)
Ruslans Kotļevs (RK LMT Eži)
Raimonds Krūmiņš *
Mareks Larionovs (RK LMT Eži)
Vadims Martiņenko *
Andrejs Meļņikovs (RK 1964)
Aigars Muzikants (SK Ovāls)
Romāns Odnokurcevs *
Reinis Pepa (RK LMT Eži)
Santis Podāns *
Jānis Priede *
Viesturs Punāns (RK LMT Eži)
Valters Raņķis (RK Miesnieki)
Uldis Saulīte (Enisey-STM-Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Viktors Silvoniks (RK Miesnieki)
Jānis Skuja (RK Miesnieki)
Vigo Valdavs (Livonia)
Head Coach: Vladimir Ņikonovs

* Possible new caps

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