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Test Rugby Result: Switzerland 32, Andorra 9

Switzerland 32, Andorra 9 at Avusy (WCQ Europe R4; ENC 3A)

I predicted a win to Andorra but in the end an easy win to Switzerland. Andorra, relegated from 2B last season, look to be heading down another division in 2010 unless they can turn things around.

Both these teams are languishing at the bottom of the ENC 3A table. They both need to win to drag them away from the relegation zone. That will be decided in the second round (2009-10).

Both teams have lost to one of the pass making teams Lithuania but Switzerland has the home advantage.

"Christian Cerqueda has had to work wonders to once more fill the squad list being summoned for the match tomorrow against Switzerland, corresponding to the Third Division of the Championship of Europe.The group of the 20 called has not been easy to gather, but at last following their absence in the last match he will be able to have the participation of important players missing against Lithuania on 8th November last, they are Benjamí Taurinyà , Magallon and Xepi Garcia. In return, the selector will not be able to call on Cabanes, Txelidze and Màxim Taurinyà, also props in the Isards, even though really the worry of Cerqueda is another: the kicker. "We do not have one and it is really a problem", he alerted. "This has effects on the matches in the dynamics of the team because he is usually decisive. Abelló, when he was in available, contributed 70% of the points when we played the Second Division B", he said.The nominated goal-kicker will be the captain of the VPC, Roger Fité, who attempts to win a match before a team against which they have never beaten on the field and that they are below in the ranking. These statistics contradict and the selector stayed in no-man's land: "I would say that we are a la par. We have a very good, but limited group, and the one that is important is to obtain a triumph at least, either in Switzerland or on the 21st at home against Armenia". Andorra are second to bottom above Switzerland by points difference only since they have each lost both matches."

Translated by 'Quentin' from FIRA-AER forum from

Previous Encounters
05.05.2001 Switzerland 38-25 in Switzerland (WCQ Euro. RA; FIRA Pool 1) 26.09.1998 Switzerland 15-14 in Andorra La vela (FIRA Pool D)
29.10.1992 Switzerland 10-0 in Andorra La vela (WCQ 1995 qualifying)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Andorra 25th, Switzerland 27th


Image thanks to

Switzerland Squad
Clément Bartschi
Schelte Betten
Josh Bjornson
Alfredo Burgener
Jacky Dervey
Ramiro Dip
Samuel Dorthe
Benjamin Faudot
Oliver Gerber
Giuliano Gianuzzo
Nicolas Guyou
Mathieu Guyou-Kreis
Sergio Hösel
Andreas Huber
Gareth Jones
Ludovic Keller
Jesse Nicholas
Ismael Meyer
Gavin Moloney
Célien Mundler
Maxime Rossi
David Smith
Calvin Unholz
Cedric Unholz
Leo Vera
Coaches: Cameron Storey, James Kerr to

Andorra team logo thanks to

Andorra Squad
Jaume Rifa
Peter Ambor
Xavier Vialsetru
Didac Martinez
David Kirikashvili
Ritchie Ortega
Marcos Cellone
Roger Font
Franck Mitjana
Paul Alieu
Jonathan Garcia
Roger Fite
Marc Gispert
Josep Magallon
Anthony Gaulin
Robert Gimenez
Gerard Gimenez
Benjami Taurinya
Guillem Garriga
Brice Lujan
Head Coach:

Only a squad of 20 will travel to Switzerland. A number of players are unavailable.

Squad list thanks to 'Andorranrugbyfan' at

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