Saturday, March 21, 2009

Test Rugby: Armenia v Andorra Updated

Armenia v Andorra in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Euro.R4; ENC 3A)

Camp del Consell

Andorra will need all the players it couldn't take to Switzerland last weekend and more if it is to overcome the Armenian visitors. Andorra was relegated from Division 2B last season and have been struggling even here.
Iosif Txelidze, Óscar Cabanes, Màxim Taurinyà & Benjamin Fajon are Andorrians who were not available for the trip to Switzerland but who are now available so the team should be stronger.

Not much is known about the Armenians but as most play their club rugby in France we can expect them to be tough.

These two teams are at the opposite ends of the points table. Armenia are at the top undefeated with three wins; Andorra is at the bottom with three losses.

Previous Encounters
These two teams have never met before.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Andorra 26th, Armenia 27th

Prediction: Armenia by 30 points.


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Armenia v Switzerland 18.10.2008. Image thanks to

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