Monday, March 16, 2009

Rugby Tests Coming Up

A huge weekend of international rugby coming up next weekend. Can't wait!
The big clashes are Ireland v Wales to determine the 6 Nations Championship, Georgia and Russia square off to see who takes out the first round of ENC 1 and Cyprus heads to Bosnia to battle for the top honours in ENC 3D.

Ireland v Wales in Dublin (6 Nations)
Scotland v England at Twickenham (6 Nations)
France v Italy in Rome (6 Nations)
Georgia v Russia in Krasnodar (WCQ Euro.R1; ENC 1)
Portugal v Romania in Bucharest (WCQ Euro.R1; ENC 1)
Armenia v Andorra in Andorra La Vela (WCQ Euro.R4;ENC3A)
Israel v Luxembourg in Netanya (WCQ Europe R5; ENC 3C)
Slovakia v Monaco in Bratislava (ENC 3D)
Cyprus v Bosnia Herzegovina in Zenica (ENC 3D)

Czech Republic v Ukraine in Odessa (WCQ Euro.R2; ENC 2A)

An Asia Nations regional tournament is due to get underway in Laos March 22-28 involving Laos, Cambodia and Brunei.

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