Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rugby Test Match: Laos v Brunei

Laos v Brunei in Savannakhet (Asia Nations Regional 1)

The first of the Asia Nations regional tournaments gets underway in Savannakhet, Laos. There is the likelyhood that the winners of the three regional tournaments for 2009 will be gathered together in an Asia Nations Division 4. So winning this tournament has more value to it than just local bragging rights.

Laos lost to Indonesia last year in the regional tournament held in Djakarta. Indonesia progressed this season to Division 3. Laos in turn were too good for Cambodia. Laos has lost twice to Brunei in past regional tournaments so the teams look reasonably even.

Brunei had a disasterous time at last years regional in Guam, losing to Guam by 70 points, and then to Indonesia by 101! They look better suited to this level.

Previous Encounters
27.06.2006 Brunei 32-17 in Phnom Pnen (Asia Regional Tournament)
14.07.2007 Brunei 17-16 in Brunei (Asia Regional Tournament)

GWC Rugby Rankings: Asia Table-Laos 18th, Brunei 20th

Prediction: Laos by 14 points.


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  1. Match was abandoned after 46 mins due to a power failure of stadium lights.

    Match result: Draw

  2. Not correct.

    Result was 28-8 to Laos

  3. Was the match abandoned - Gary ?

  4. Well Joe, not according to this article posted on the Laotian Rugby web site. Laos is hosting the tournament. Note that they gave the final score 28-5 which dosen't match with their last paragraph. 28-8 was the score, and looks like the match was full 80 minutes.

  5. Gary,

    I was there and the match was abandoned after 6 mins of the second half when the lights went out.

  6. Hi Zafran

    Thanks for the post and information. Joe I owe you an opology, looks the game was abandonned early in the second half. The Laotion site gave the score but there was no indication that the points would be shared, ie as a draw. Lets see what other info.comes forward.

  7. Amazingly not one report either via union web sites nor press indicate that the match was abandonned early! I do not doubt you word posters, I'm just amazed it's not been reported.

    Also about the outcome of the match...

    "It was reported in Brunei as a lost in their local papers: ... ions_rugby"

    posted by 'cappelan', a most reliable forum member from Philippines at