Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rugby Test Result: Czech Republic 15, Belgium 15

Czech Republic 15, Belgium 15 in Brussels (WCQ Euro.R2; ENC 2A)

A drawn result has not really altered what was already a very tight competition in Division 2A.

This section of the FIRA-AER European Nations Cup, Division 2A is wide
open. Any team could win this leg of the tournament

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Belgium moves up a place just below Czech Republic and one ahead of Moldova because of the draw.

14th-Czech Republic

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Image thanks to Belgium RFU

15 Romain Orban (Kituro)
14 Alan Williams (Castres, France)
13 Thibaut André (Soignies)
12 Jérôme Cauwe (ASUB Rugby Waterloo)
11 Frédéric Rongé (Haywards Heath RFC, England)
10 Peter Duchau (Boitsfort)
9 Julien Berger (La Rochelle, France)
8 Charlie Fourneau (Lille, France)
7 Bertrand Billi (Soignies)
6 Denis Eppe (ROC Ottignies)
5 Cyril Nana (Lille, France)
4 Mathieu Verschelden (ASUB Rugby Waterloo)
3 Jérôme Wey (St Nazaire, France)
2 Norman Wende (Rouen, France)
1 Julien Massimi (Arras, France)
16 Alain Miriallakis (Orléans, France)
17 Jimmy Mulumba (Domont, France)
18 Thomas Dienst (Le LOU, France)
19 Simon Marote (Arras, France)
20 Damien Godefroy (Lille, France)
21 Dries Bovijn (Boitsfort)
22 David Nemsadze (Domont, France)

Head Coach: Richard McClintock

Thanks to Dignate Schot, Secretary Federation Belgian Rugby Union

“Réserves : 23.Victor Wartique (Frameries), Aurélien Batardy (Soignies). From the original squad, two injuries Christophe Brayette (Lavaur) and Olivier Mahieu (Boitsfort) replaced by Victor Wartique (Frameries, en réserve) and Dries Bovijn (Boitsfort, n°20)”. and thanks to ‘Quentin’

Belgian team in training. Image thanks to

Czech Republic

15 Jan Rudolf (RC Tatra/RK Petrovice)
14 Roman Kodera (RC Říčany)
13 Václav Jursík (RC Strasbourg, France)
12 Martin Pekárek (RC Říčany)
11 Michal Schlanger (RC Říčany)
10 Pavel Vokrouhlík (RC Sparta Praha)
9 Vachtang Pailodze (RC Sparta Praha)
8 Jiří Buryánek (RC Dragon Brno)
7 Vlastimil Madry (Juwenia Krakow, Poland)
6 Miroslav Němeček (US Oyonnax, France)
5 Tomáš Holovský (St. Raphael, France)
4 Martin Wognitsch (US Oyonnax, France)
3 Lukáš Rapant (US Oyonnax, France)
2 Ondřej Kutil (US Oyonnax, France)
1 Roman Šuster (RC Rouen, France)
16 Jan Benda (RC Sparta Praha)
17 Pavel Hocke (RC Tatra Smíchov)
18 Vítězslav Fiala (RC Vyškov)
19 Jíří Černý (RC Tatra Smíchov)
20 Milan Jirman (RC Slavia Praha)
21 Petr Čížek (RC Praga Praha)
22 Tomáš Forst (RC Praga Praha)
Head Coach:
and thanks to Dignate Schot, Secretary Federation Belgian Rugby Union

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