Wednesday, March 11, 2009

International Rugby Your Opinions

International rugby 2009 is well and truly on its way. It's time to get active and to recieve your opinions about international rugby. Because this site covers the game at the top level of rugby around the globe you will see rugby results from Andorra to Zimbabwe. Rugby is now truly a global game.

Add a comment to the post that interests you the most. I would love to hear your opinons, especially those of you who went to see any of these games.

I welcome your photos from international rugby matches. Send them in with a caption, especially player's names.

Please comply with a code of conduct-No abuse and please treat other peoples opinions the way you would want your opinions treated-with respect. I reserve the right to delete any offensive postings.


  1. Very nice website, but there should be some more photos/videos. Keep going!

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes that is where the new web site is heading. Plenty of photos and especially video.

  3. very nice info, it's nice that games like belgium - moldova that don't get national attention in newspapers or on national television are attented here.

  4. Just discovered your site - keep it up! - the traditional spirit of rugby, quite eroded in the professional lands, lives strongly in matches between minor nations. Therefore, it's always nice to have some "newsprint" expended on them.

    (Referee, Bosnia-Azerbaijan 22. Nov 08)