Sunday, March 15, 2009

Test Rugby Result: Cyprus 33, Slovakia 7

Cyprus 33, Slovakia 7 in Episkopi (ENC 3D)

I predicted a win for Slovakia but an easy win for Cyprus at home puts them just into the lead over Bosnia Herzegovina on the points table. The clash between Cyprus and Bosnia Herzegovina next weekend in Zenica will decide who wins the first round.

This is the lowest division in the FIRA-AER European Nations Cup. It is also the only division that does not play in the 2011 World Cup qualifying matches.

Cyprus is one of the undefeated teams in this division. The other is Bosnia Herzegovina. The winner of the second round (to be played 2009-10) will be promoted to Division 3C which, under the present qualifying system, are eligible to participate in the qualifying series for the 2015 World Cup finals. Cyprus has defeated Monaco and Azerbaijan, neither of whom are championship contenders.

Slovakia on the other hand pushed the Bosnians close at home last November, losing 32-46. So, providing they travel well and have been able to select their strongest team, they could well cause an upset at the British Army ground.

Previous Encounters

These teams have met only once before. Cyprus winning easily at home 38-8 in November 2007.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Cyprus 39th, Slovakia 40t

No Change


Slovakia Squad
Peter Bolla (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Martin Čmiel (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Michal Fric (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Ondřej Hankovszki (Sokol Mariánské Hory, Czech Rep.)
Richard Hladík (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Richard Januš (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Michal Juhász (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Pavel Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Petr Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Josef Kučera (RK Petrovice, Czech Rep.)
Michal Kučera (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Tomáš Kurka (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Martin Majovský (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Marcel Mana (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Jan Mandičák (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Martin Mihálik (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Andrej Nátěr (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Viktor Ondroušek (JIMI Vyškov, Czech Rep.)
Patrik Poledna, Capt. (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Daniel Puha (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Titus Silný (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Pešír Václav (RK Petrovice, Czech Rep.)
Coach: Pavel Lištvan

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Cyprus team logo thanks to

Cyprus Squad
Christo Kasabi,
Tony Thoma,
Dinu Floredan
Graeme Scott
Stephan Eleftheriou
Panos Jacovides
Andy Spring
Vlad Muhaylon
Deano Dean
Chris Thoma
Marco Mladenovic
George Theodoulou
Dan McFarlane

Dimitri Maratheftis
George Agathocteous
Dan Thrasivolou
Marcus Holden
Anthony Crassas
Colm O’Cleirigh
Andreas Zacharia
Marc Thrasivoulou
Luke Peters
Kyle Oelofse
Fidias Efthymiou
AJ Pugh
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