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International Rugby: Slovakia v Monaco Updated

Slovakia v Monaco in Bratislava (ENC 3D)

Slovnaft Stadion, Vlčím Hrdle


Slovakia v Monaco rugby programme. Image thanks to

Not a great deal of love lost between these two minnows. In 2006 they met at this level in Slovakia's first test match. Monaco won 6-0 but lost the game because Slovakia claimed, and won, that Monaco included enelligble players in their squad. The thing was Monaco had just returned from a lengthy ban for the exact same offence a few years earlier.

Previous Encounters
14.10.2006 Monaco 6-0* in Bratislava (ENC 3D, Pool B)
* Match lost by Monaco on appeal.

GWC Rugby Rankings: Europe Table-Slovakia 40th, Monaco 41st

Prediction: Slovakia by 14 points


Martin Čmiel (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Michal Fric (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Ondřej Hankovszki (Sokol Mariánské Hory, Czech Rep.)
Richard Hladík (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Michal Juhász (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Pavel Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Petr Kozubík (RC Havířov, Czech Rep.)
Josef Kučera (RK Petrovice, Czech Rep.)
Michal Kučera (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Tomáš Kurka (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Martin Majovský (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Marcel Mana (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Jan Mandičák (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Martin Mihálik (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Viktor Ondroušek (JIMI Vyškov, Czech Rep.)
Patrik Poledna, Capt. (Lokomotiva Olomouc, Czech Rep.)
Daniel Puha (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Antonín Puverle (RC Slovan Bratislava)
Jiří Smrček (Dragon Brno, Czech Rep.)
Jaroslav Stoklásek (RC Zlín, Czech Rep.)
Pešír Václav (RK Petrovice, Czech Rep.)
Coach: Pavel Lištvan

Slovakia rugby team v Monaco. Image thanks to


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  1. Slovakia vs Monaco 11-10 (8-5)