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Rugby Match Result: Portugal 24, Spain 19

Portugal 24, Spain 19 in Lisbon (WCQ Europe R1; ENC 1)

Portugal has continued its dominance of its Iberian Neighbour with a 24-19 win in Lisbon, winning by 5 points (I predicted Portugal by 6!) It also has placed a little distance between Portugal and the tail-end charlies, Spain and Germany.

Spain received two and Portugal one yellow cards in the first half, but no real advantage was taken as both sides scored 3 points a piece during that time. Portugal led 18-6 at halftime and then 21-12 with 2 minutes remaining. Then all hell broke loose with a Spanish try on 78th minute, converted for Portugal to lead 21-19. Then Portugal says enough with a penalty goal right on full time.

Clean lineout take by Portugal.
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Spain attacks from their own line.
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The clash of the Iberian Peninsula. The rivalry between these two teams goes back to 1935 when Spain won the first of many tests 6-5 in Lisbon. Both these teams need to win this match to pull themselves away from the relegation zone in the European Nations Cup Division 1 competition.

Spain's reaction to its big loss two weeks ago is to bring in some new players. Portugal will keep mainly to its successful squad it has used so far this season. True to most recent clashes between these to European rugby powers, it will be a close match.

Last Five Encounters
10.05.2008 Spain 21-17 in Madrid (ENC 1)
03.02.2007 Portugal 21-18 in Lisbon (ENC 1)
21.03.2004 Portugal 35-19 in Ibiza (ENC 1)
22.03.2003 Portugal 40-38 in Lisbon (ENC 1)
02.06.2002 Spain 34-21 in Madrid (WCQ Europe R3, Pool B)

GWC Rugby Rankings: World Table-Portugal 16th, Spain 21st
Europe Table-Portugal 8th, Spain 11th


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Portugal Squad
Julien Bardi (Clermont, France)
Pedro Cabral (CRC Madrid)
João Correia (GD Direito)
Adérito Esteves (GD Direito)
Gonçalo Foro (CD Univ. Lisboa)
Tiago Girão (CD Univ. Lisboa)
João Júnior (CD Univ. Lisboa)
Pedro Leal (GD Direito)
David Mateus (OS Belenenses)
Diogo Mateus (OS Belenenses)
Juan Murre (Sporting St. Nazaire, France)
Salvador Palha (GD Direito)
David Penalva (Auch, France)
Duarte Cardoso Pinto (AEIS Agronomia)
José Pinto (Roma, Italy)
Juan Severino (AEIS Agronomia)
Pedro Silva (OS Belenenses)
Cristian Spachuk (Auch, France)
Nuno Taful (CR Técnico)
Gonçalo Uva (Montpellier RC, France)
João Uva (OS Belenenses)
Vasco Uva (GD Direito)
Head Coach: Tomaz Morais

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Spain Squad
Guillermo Bárcena (Stade Francais, France) Age 25, 12 Tests
César Bernasconi (CRC Madrid) 32, 20
José Mª.Bohorquez (CR Ciencias) 32, 26
Juan Cano (CRC Madrid) 23, 20
Javier Canosa (CRC Madrid) 25, 31
Mathew Cook (CR La Vila) 29, New Cap
Damien Elgoyhen (Avion Bayonnais, France) 22, 1
Leandro Fernández-Aramburu (CR Ciencias) 28, 10
Juan Gonzalez (CRC Madrid) 26, 28
Mathieu Gratton (RC Graulhet, France) 26, 7
Sergio Guerrero (UE Santboiana) 25, 2
Sebastián Hattori (CR Ciencias) 26, 2
Ion Insausti (CRC Madrid) 24, 24
Mathieu López (Stade Montois, France) 28, 3
Mickael López (Avion Bayonnais, France) 22, New Cap
Ignacio Martin (Gran Parma RC, Italy) 25, 22
Jaime Nava (CE Salvador) 25, 28
Jeremías Palumbo (Getxo Artea RT) 25, 2
Marco Pinto (Auvergne, France) 20, 2
Javier Salazar (CRC Madrid) 31, 57
César Sempere (CRC Madrid) 24, 34
Julien Tourtoulou (Colomiers RC, France) 25, 7
Matías Tudela (CRC Madrid) 24, 2
Diego Zarzosa (CE Salvador) 33, 45
Head Coach: Ged Glynn

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