Sunday, March 22, 2009

Test Rugby Results: 21 March

I managed to get the Czech Rep. v Ukraine and Georgia v Russia matches all on the wrong day! So Georgia v Russia is on Sunday.

Ireland are there! For only the second time in its rugby history Ireland have claimed the Grand Slam defeating Wales 17-15 in Cardiff (sorry I had Dublin earlier). What a day for Ireland. By all accounts it was a close thing.

England have regained the Calcutta Cup by defeating Scotland 26-12 in a scrappy game whilst France did what I thought they had a 50-50 chance of doing; they played fantastic rugby to defeat Italy 50-8.

Portugal added to Romanian woes for the week with a 1 point win in Bucharest. Despite three top France-based players back in the team the Romanians are now off the pace in ENC Division 1 plus they also do not have an appointed coach.

The Ukraine began the grand weekend of rugby in the Ukraine (Russia plays Georgia tomorrow in Ukraine on neutral soil) with a good 20-10 win over Czech Republic who seem to be at least 10 points adrift per match without their France-based pro Martin Jagr.

Andorra caused what is probably the upset of 2009 so far; possibly in the history of European rugby. Armenia were expected to defeat the Andorrians comfortably. Yours truly predicted by 30 points, others by more. Andorra turned the form book on its head with a comprehensive 36-10 win. Armenia were nowhere near today!

In the other divisions of the ENC, Israel were too good for Luxembourg, winning 30-0 at home. Slovakia edged a one-point win 11-10 over Monaco at home whilst Cyprus is now the leading team with an 8-6 win over Bosnia Herzegovina away.

Results at a glance
Ireland 17, Wales 15 in Cardiff (6 Nations and Grand Slam Winner)
England 26, Scotland 12 at Twickenham (Calcutta Cup and 6 Nations)
France 50, Italy 8 in Rome (Garibaldi Trophy & 6 Nations)
Portugal 22, Romania 21 in Bucharest (WCQ Euro.R1; ENC 1)
Ukraine 20, Czech Republic 10 in Odessa (WCQ Euro.R2; ENC 2A)
Andorra 36, Armenia 10 in Andorra (WCQ Euro. R4; ENC 3A)
Israel 30, Luxembourg 0 in Netanya (WCQ Euro.R5; ENC 3C)
Slovakia 11, Monaco 10 in Bratislava (ENC 3D)
Cyprus 8, Bosnia Herzegovina 6 in Zenica (ENC 3D)

Sunday's matches
Russia v Georgia in Mariupol, Ukraine (WCQ Euro.R1; ENC 1)
Laos v Brunei in Savannakhet (Asia Nations Regional 1)


  1. Just thought I'd add that yesterday's Israeli win means that they will lead Division 3C at the end of the current season and will be the 3C representative in the knockout stage of European qualification for the 2011 RWC.

  2. Thanks Alan.

    That fact had not caught up with me until now. And so that would be the case for all FIRA-AER divisions 2A-3C at the halfway stage?

  3. No, only for 2B-3C. 2A's representative in the playoff will be based on both years.

    3C still has four games left to play, but there is no combination of results that will supplant Israel from the top spot.

    Slovenia in 3B will be the next team to advance if Denmark can beat (or draw with) Norway on April 11.

    I've spent too much time maintaining the wikipedia pages for 2011 qualifying. Check them out:

    I just discovered your blog the other day, and I have to say it's fantastic. For those of us who are fascinated by the lower levels of international rugby, it's about the only resource out there.

  4. Very sad defeat for Romania in this game against Portugal they have lead the game authoritary till the last 15-20 minutes.But after 15-6 at the break and 21-9 in the second half they loose control of the game and Portugal manage to tightend the score to 15-21 first and then score the winning try in the last minute for the 22-21 winn.It's only the second victory of the portuguese team against Stejari in the history the previous one was in 2003 (16-15 in Lisbon) .It seems that the time of results like Rom 92-Por 0 or Rom 36-Por 6 ( in 2004) have passed and now the Oaks have problems to beat nations like Portugal or Russia that they were clearly dominating in the past.